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Third Brake Light Covers

Tailored to your vehicle, our third brake light covers are crafted from heavy-duty materials and make installation easy for you. Custom-sculpted for a flush fit onto your application, they are made to last regardless of the tough road ahead.

Out on the road, it can be hard to tell people apart by just their vehicles. Making your ride a unique expression of your personal style starts with simple upgrades like a chrome brake light cover for your third brake light. From there, it's a matter of letting your creative impulses go wherever they take you.

Why Should You Cover Your Third Brake Light

Brake light covers provide you with an opportunity to customize the look of your ride with ornamentation that sets it apart from any other, alongside other visual upgrades like additional lights and wheel covers. They also provide a basic level of protection against certain kinds of debris, basically by virtue of coming between that debris and your light. That can make it a big help if you regularly deal with off-road trails, unpaved service roads, and other areas where the brush could cause unexpected damage.

How To Install Your Brake Light Cover

Chrome third brake light covers are designed to fit over the OEM brake light, so they do not take much time or many tools to install. There are a couple ways they can be fit, however, so make sure to check your manufacturer's instructions to see if there are screws or bolts, adhesive solutions, or both involved in your installation. No matter which of the three approaches the manufacturer used, it should go on in just a couple minutes. Make sure you have cleaned the brake light and area around it before installation, then follow the manufacturer's recommended installation procedure.

Types of Brake Light Covers

Covers for your third brake light may come in a variety of styles, but they all share certain design characteristics because they all have the same requirements for fitment, size, and other key features. As a result, there are not really different types of third brake light covers. There are, however, left and right rear brake light covers. If you are looking to replace one of those, then ordering a new cover for your third light will not work out. If you are looking for a style upgrade, consider doing all three at once so they all fit the new look.

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Putco Third Brake Light Covers

third brake light cover

easy to install, matches all other chrome, solid well built View more reviews...
Posted By greg y (NEPHI, UT) / August 1, 2015
2008 Chevy Silverado