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Chrome Fender Arches

Another name for fender arches is fender trim. Chrome fender trim is an easy way to add some aesthetics to your vehicle and get it noticed. It’s not so big that it takes over your car or truck, it’s just a little detail here and there that adds a pop of color and takes your truck from a factory model to a luxury model. There are tons of auto trim accessories that you can add to your truck. You can choose chrome accessories in silver or black stainless steel to add a contrast between your paint and the trim. Another way to add that contrast is choosing trim in a different texture or finish.

If you are looking for chrome auto parts to make your truck look more polished and stylish, fender arches or trim is worth considering. Not only do they improve the look of your truck, they have a functional purpose too. Dirt, stones and other road debris can get kicked up around your tire in the wheel well. Trim will serve as some protection to your fender and surrounding areas, and hopefully keep your truck dent free and your truck’s paint chip free. Auto chrome accessories are a simple way to enhance the visual appeal of your truck and if you want form and function, take a look into chrome fender trim for the win.

Best Fender Trim Materials

Aftermarket visual upgrades allow you to make your vehicle's appearance as personal as any other aspect of your drive, from your seat and mirror settings to your most convenient maintenance schedule. With extra trim pieces like new fender arches, you can accent the existing vehicle style quickly, with an addition that installs easily.

What Are Chrome Fender Arches?

Fender arches are trim pieces that fit to the top of the wheel well and provide a fresh aesthetic style for vehicles. While some cars and trucks are designed with built-in fender arches, practically any vehicle can add them as an aftermarket accessory, allowing you to enjoy chrome trim on just about any car.

How Much Do Chrome Fender Arches Cost?

Individually, new chrome fender arches are not expensive. They range from about $55 to about $110, so a full set of high-end arches still costs somewhere around $500 or a little less once you figure in other supplies and shipping.

How Long Do Chrome Fender Arches Last

Well-maintained fender trim lasts for years, but it does take diligent maintenance. Like any showing surface on your vehicle, weathering and damage from debris can affect its condition. Protecting it with regular cleanings using a specially formulated cleaner designed for chrome parts is the best way to keep it in great condition. Barring damage from an accident, an aftermarket fender arch could last until you sell your car and longer.

Signs & Symptoms of Faulty Fender Arches

Since fender arches are largely installed for visual styling, it is easy to check their condition. Inspect the showing surfaces for signs of damage or corrosion, and if you see corrosion spreading, address it with cleaners and the proper damage remediation kit. Chrome buffers are quite affordable. In the event of damage that can't be buffed out, you'll need a new set of arches to refresh your vehicle's appearance.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Chrome Fender Arches Through AutoAnything

AutoAnything offers you the best value possible on top brands for practically any upgrade, and when you order new fender arches you enjoy the risk-free return policy and detailed customer support that are part of every order.

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Customer Reviews

ICI Fender Trim

Looks Great on my Silverado

These really pop on my black Silverado! Can't say how much they have added to the looks. This company ships FAST and has quality products......Thanks AUTOANYTHING! View more reviews...
Posted By Chester R (Marietta, OH) / August 20, 2020
2004 Chevy Corvette
Putco Stainless Steel Fender Trim

Chrome fender trim.

They are pretty but not the easiest to put on. Not enough screws came with n the metal tabs are not that easy to put on View more reviews...
Posted By christie t (WATERLOO, IA) / July 1, 2020
2019 Chevy Silverado
TFP Fender Trim

Fender trim

It looked very nice and it fit perfect View more reviews...
Posted By Adrian R (CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) / March 23, 2020
2005 GMC Yukon