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Chrome Bug Deflectors Reviews

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4.00 star rating   Average Customer Rating for Chrome Bug Deflectors: 4.00 out of 5 Stars   (240 Customer Reviews)

AVS Chrome Bug Deflector Reviews (1 of 130+)

4.00 star rating
10 of 11 people found this review helpful.

The ease of application was awesome. I had it installed in less than 5 minutes. I did however have a concern with the chrome finish. It was bubbled up on the underneth so I installed it anyway b am concerned that the finish maybegin to peal away with age due to the bubble. I rate the apperance as good because the visible part of the deflector is fine. I rate the price as fair, I feel it was somewhat overpriced. It is just molded plastic with a chrome overlay. All other reviews carry good ratig from me thus I recommend this product, as a caution inspect the finish and wait to see if it goes on sale or the price becomes reduced.

—Reviewed by Robbie H (Clinton, TN) 2008 Ford Expedition

EGR Chrome Bug Deflectors Reviews (1 of 80+)

4.00 star rating
4 of 6 people found this review helpful.

The directions left a lot to be desired,I have been a heavy construction marine Superintendent for two decades and the instructions were hard to understand and very vauge.There also needs to be a heavier type of material to protect the paint where brackets come in to contact with the finish.I did not use what was sent from the manufacturer in fear of damage to the finish.This really should be taken in to consideration .What happened too sending out a great product with the necessary hardware even if it decreased the profit margin.The bug deflector itself is great...With better instuctions and hardware it would be a great product.

—Reviewed by W.F. M (portsmouth, VA) 2010 Ford F-150

AVS Chrome Aeroskin Hood Protector Reviews (1 of 10+)

4.00 star rating
6 of 8 people found this review helpful.

This product was a good fit for my truck. No drilling, I just pealed the protective strips and pressed after positioning. Though it looks good and mounted easy, I do wish it had a bit pf a flair along the upper edge for air deflection. Also, if it had mounted away from the hood (not mounted with tape) like the mounting on my 2004 GMC Truck would have rated five star with me. Over all I would say you would be happy if you order this product.

—Reviewed by Robert B 2011 GMC Sierra

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