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1977 Ford Mustang
Chrome Accessories

1977 Ford Mustang Chrome Accessories

There are so many details that you can add, swap or change on your truck, van, car or SUV that will add to it being an all-round outstanding piece of machinery that you can be proud of. Whether you are looking for a few chrome details here and there on your vehicle or you are aiming to shine brighter than; the sun on a sunny day, every single type of chrome accessory that you can imagine for your vehicle now lies at your fingertips.
Chrome parts add a special kind of flair and finish to your machine and you can definitely find a part for every nook and cranny on you vehicle, but what are you looking for exactly? We carry chrome window sill trim, chrome door sills, chrome pillar post trim, chrome mirror covers, chrome light covers, chrome show hooks, chrome tailgate handles, chrome side fender vents, chrome window deflectors, fuel doors, fender arches, car antennas, bug deflectors, door handles and other Chrome kits and packages.

Chrome Trim Accessories for Cars and Trucks

There are so many options to add that special something to you machine, that it can all be a bit confusing, but fear not. That is why we are here to guide you through the shiny world of chrome accessories. The chrome trim for cars and truck accessories make for personality statements for your machine and every time that you decide to add a part to your vehicle, it should be worthy of your truck, van, SUV or car.

A perfect example of this is the choice of Chrome Hood Pins for your car or truck. The hood pins from AMI give your vehicle a competitive and muscle look without you having to drill into your hood. This somewhat maintains the original condition of your hood by using just a very strong adhesive for installation.

Another part that saves you money but does not skimp on the major style factor are the dually chrome wheel simulators for. They will make your vehicle look as though they have the most expensive customized wheels on ‘em while staying within a price range that will keep that smile on your face. The wheel simulators made by Go Industries are made out of stainless steel and are polished to perfection to top off your chrome truck accessories.

Maybe you want a chrome accent to up the style. Chrome window visors, rocker panels, and fender trims are all simple but elegant add-ons. They can be constructed from stainless steel, thermoplastic, ABS, or another alloy composition. All give a polished and sleek look without majorly modifying your vehicle. Window visors also serve a dual purpose. They help allow airflow while keeping the elements out while your window is rolled down just a crack.

Chrome does not just mean shiny silver. For example, in the case of chrome tailgate handles, you can get them in a variety of colors and finishes that include black, brushed, and polished. There are so many options and so many little chrome accessories that you can use on your vehicle that will make it stand out. Chrome trim for cars as well as chrome truck accessories and other chrome parts are the stylish add-ons that express your personality. Most of the chrome trim that you see here does not require any alterations to your vehicle via drilling or adding holes in general. Most of them use adhesives or the original mounting locations.

If you are still on the fence on sprucing up your truck, give us a call. We will gladly help your find the right part to make your personality shine through your vehicle. For more tips, advice, and information on selecting chrome accessories for cars, visit our chrome accessories tech center.
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AMI Big Stick Automotive Antenna

Nice replacement to stock antenna

Replaced my ugly stock antenna with the 12" Black Antenna. Looks 100% better than before. Installation is a breeze. Simple how a antenna can change the appearance of your vehicle, but it does! Happy with my choice. View more reviews...
Posted By Carlos S (FAIRFAX, VA) / September 30, 2015
2005 Ford Mustang
AMI Simulated Hood Pins


Posted By Randy D (Kingman, AZ) / September 26, 2015
2014 Ford Mustang
B&I Rocker Panels

A must have

THEY look great on my 2007 red gt mustang View more reviews...
Posted By keith w (SANDSTON, VA) / March 30, 2015
2007 Ford Mustang

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