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Cold Air Intakes: Step-by-Step Installation Guide


The right cold air intake system makes all the difference. Designed to enhance your engine’s horsepower and torque, this unit blasts a supply of fresh O2 into your motor, and when you shop with AutoAnything, you won’t break the bank. We carry a wide selection from some of the most respected brands in the performance intake industry. But let’s say you’ve already made your decision and your product’s on the way, or already in hand. How do you get the dang thing installed? Rather than pay a professional, you can save even more money — and become an expert yourself — by following this step-by-step cold air intake installation guide.

Here are the Steps

  1. First, your engine needs to be off and cool to the touch — the second part is very important
  2. Disconnect your battery cable from the negative terminal
  3. Remove the old air intake
  4. Attach the silicone coupling that came with the cold air intake kit to the throttle body
  5. Secure the coupling by tightening a hose clamp at the end
  6. Place another hose clamp on the front of the coupling, but don’t tighten it just yet
  7. Slide the intake tube into the silicone coupling
  8. Make sure your intake pipe is running from the throttle bay away from the engine bay
  9. Tighten the silicone coupling and secure all brackets on the tube
  10. Plug the MAF (mass air flow) sensor into the new cold air intake system
  11. Reconnect your battery
  12. Close the hood and start the car

Regardless of your final choice, from the Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake (boasting aerospace-grade T-6061 billet aluminum construction) to the Volant Cold Air Intake (with its molded polyethylene ducts providing a clear, cool passage), you’ll enjoy considerable power gains. And you’ll have an installation time of under an hour to look forward to.

You can be confident in the fact that you’ve received the best deal around too, thanks to AutoAnything’s unmatched 1-Year, Lower Price Guarantee. More than 99% of our orders ship free to your door. If you have any lingering questions, feel free to ring our in-house experts at 1-800-874-8888.