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Pontiac Thermostats

Every guy who has been married any length of time knows the various battle grounds around the house. If you want the bowls loaded on the top rack of the dishwasher there's a 99% probability that your wife wants the bowls loaded on the bottom rack; the studies have been done to prove it. The other big battle ground is the thermostat. You want it low. She wants it set high. However, there's one thermostat you can control without any arguments from your wife: your Pontiac thermostat. And, here at AutoAnything we feature high performance Pontiac thermostats geared for discerning drivers.
Since you're here at AutoAnything looking through our great selection of top quality parts and accessories, we have you pegged for a guy who understands how a performance car should work. And, with an engine tuned to give you all its power, your stock Pontiac thermostat won't cut it. We feature upgraded Pontiac thermostats that are designed to kick in at lower temps to give your engine the added protection it truly needs. Installing your new Pontiac thermostat is not a problem. All our Pontiac thermostats are direct fit replacements for your factory thermostat.
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Gates Thermostat

Awesome product

Perfectly priced, arrived faster than expected, performes flawlessly, very quick and easy install. View more reviews...
Posted By terran s (YONKERS, NY) / April 22, 2020
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Mishimoto Racing Thermostats

works like a champ

this thermostat does what it says it would; that is lowering the operating temps on my engine. View more reviews...
Posted By joey l (KELLER, TX) / September 19, 2018
1993 Honda Del Sol
Dorman Thermostat Housing

easy to install

is very easy to install. seems to to made of good quality material. View more reviews...
Posted By Michelle E (Richfield, NC) / September 5, 2018
1994 Toyota Pickup