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Stay Frosty, Cooling Components for Your Hard-Working Vehicle

Auto lesson number one: the cooler your vehicle runs, the higher the performance output you’ll receive. One of the biggest corruptors of performance is a hot engine. This will also help preserve your engine gaskets & seals longer. To keep things cool, start by installing any number of cooling performance upgrades that include thermostats, cold air intakes, intercoolers and, most importantly, a performance-grade automotive cooling fan.

Mounted on the back of the radiator, on the side closest to the engine, you’ll find one or two electric cooling fans inside a protective housing. Designed to direct air flow, electric cooling fans, like a Silverado fan, promote air flow through the radiator when your vehicle is traveling at a slow rate of speed or is stopped with the engine running. These electric cooling fans are essential Chevy cooling performance components, impacting both the power you experience when you accelerate and the miles achieved per gallon as a result.

Another method of keeping your engine cool is letting it breathe. This can be accomplished by two separate methods: cold air intakes and exhaust components. A performance exhaust system, including the Magnaflow, Banks or Borla exhaust system, is engineered to maximize your engine’s exhaust flow by providing a smoother conduit for spent gases to escape. In fact, simply by upgrading your exhaust components, you increase both horsepower and torque, immediately boosting power from 5 - 10 percent while increasing your fuel efficiency to save up to 2 mpg.

Cold air intakes are the same. They provide an increase in the amount of oxygen used for combustion with fuel. Most stock intakes burden your engine with numerous twists, turns and chambers in an effort to muffle sound. Unfortunately, this design greatly restricts airflow. Aftermarket cold air intakes completely replace your stock components and provide a smoother pathway for air to enter the engine. This upgrade will immediately increase torque, streamline your fuel economy (adding between 1 - 2 mpg), and give you a boost in power from 5 – 11 horsepower.

One last upgrade that can be made to your vehicle to keep temperatures low is also one of the easiest: the thermostat. Far more effective than a stock thermostat, a performance-enhancing aftermarket thermostat triggers cooling performance earlier, ensuring you’ll never reach the boiling point (which is usually accompanied by knocking, power reduction and even engine damage). Aftermarket thermostats are designed for your specific make, model and year and come in two models: one that opens at 160° for chilled performance or a 180° model designed to let engines in cooler climates maintain a little extra warmth. Both models directly replace your factory thermostat with no modifications to your vehicle required. And best of all, they’re 50-state legal when paired with a Hypertech programming module.

Components for cooling performance have consistently remained as some of the most popular Chevy accessories for one simple reason: they deliver reliability. Providing enhanced performance and the added peace of mind that comes with safety, cooling upgrades keep you in the game and off the sidelines!

Please feel free to call toll-free 800.874.8888 or e-mail with any questions. We are delighted to be of assistance in finding the right auto parts for you, be they car parts, truck parts or SUV parts.

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