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Covercraft Buying Guide: An Overview of Car Cover Types

Indoor and outdoor car covers


Whether your vehicle is tucked away in a garage, or sits under the blazing sun for more than eight hours, car covers are an effortless way to keep your ride clean and in pristine condition. You may think that if your car is kept under a carport or structure, it’s not exposed to any danger, but car covers are crafted to resist mildew and dust, ensuring even your stowed vehicles are free from damage. In this article, you’ll be able to learn more about the benefits car covers provide and find out how the different indoor and outdoor covers measure up.

What makes a car cover essential?

Without a car cover, your vehicle is exposed to countless threats, but when there’s a protective barrier between your four-wheeled companion and the elements, your ride is less likely to suffer from deterioration, dings and stains. To avoid regular trips to the car wash, a car cover is the perfect solution.

So, what’s the best car cover for you? Thankfully, Covercraft offers options aplenty to meet your specific needs. Continue reading to learn more about how indoor and outdoor covers compare to each other.

Key differences between indoor and outdoor car covers

Indoor and outdoor covers are designed to achieve one goal – protect your investment. What they’re protecting it from, however, will vary. This is according to its most frequent parking spot, the weather around it and the fabric that best suits its paintjob.

Let’s take a look at indoor car covers. Their fabrics are known to be softer and more breathable than the counterpart. That’s because places like garages are usually dark and carry moisture in the air. The breathable fabric allows trapped dampness to evaporate a lot quicker, while the soft fabric is gentle on your paint and easier to store. If you’d like to learn more about indoor covers, our in-depth indoor car cover guide breaks down each indoor fabric and gives you more insight on how to care for each.

Outdoor covers are built for harsh weather conditions, and depending on where you live, you can choose fabrics for intense sun that greatly reduce fading and UV-damage. Choosing the best outdoor car cover depends on your primary concerns – is it dust, bird droppings, snow or rain? No matter what, there’s a fabric to target and defend against each of these threats. To discover even more details about each fabric that’s used in outdoor covers, you can read our outdoor car cover guide.