Covercraft Buying Guide: Indoor Car Covers

Indoor Car Covers

BY Emelie S.

Even within the confines of your garage, dust and heat can find a way to interfere with your vehicle’s paint and parts. An indoor car cover is the perfect solution to avoid dirt from damaging your four-wheeled companion. While outdoor car covers utilize heavy-duty fabrics to isolate UV rays, indoor car covers focus on heat insulation and ding-protection, using softer fabrics. If you’re not sure which car cover you might need, take a look at our comparison guide here.

In this section of our Covercraft Buying Guide, you’ll learn more about the different types of indoor car covers and the fabric used on each. Finding the right one for you won’t be hard thanks to these six options.



Providing the best protection against dust, this Covercraft-exclusive fabric also protects your vehicles from dings and bumps. The Dustop fabric is breathable and soft to the touch, but that doesn’t compromise its rugged strength. Although it’s an indoor cover, it still provides good heat insulation, keeping your vehicle cool.

Form Fit Car Cover



Designed for maximum breathability and ding-protection, the Form-Fit fabric is the softest Covercraft Car Cover. It comes in six different colors and can be easily washed at home. It also offers protection against heat and its stretchy fabric keeps its shape through time.


Block-It 200

Although this cover’s best feature is how breathable it is, the Block-It 200 offers the best of both worlds when it comes to its indoor and outdoor use. While it performs best indoors, this fabric can also resist weather-damage, UV rays and tree and bird gunk. It’s also known for keeping your car cool and being soft to the touch.

Block it 200 car cover resists weather
Fleeced Satin Vehicle Cover


Fleeced satin

Extremely breathable and soft, the Fleeced Satin cover also gives your vehicle good insulation against heat and protects your paint from dings. Choose from three color options and wash it easily at home. Thanks to its medium size, this cover is also easy to store.


Tan flannel

Its breathability and softness are this cotton-based cover’s top strengths, but the Tan Flannel also shields your car, SUV or truck from dust and heat. It can be washed and dried in your washer and dryer and stores easily thanks to its lightweight nature.

Tan Flannel Car Cover protects from dust
Viewshield indoor car cover



The ViewShield Cover offers optimal breathability and softness for your vehicle, while still providing outdoor protection to some extent. Although it only minimally protects from dings, this reinforced-nylon fabric is weaved to shield against dust and heat.



Most Covercraft Covers are equipped with grommets, which make it simple to use with optional accessories such as a Gust Guard and a Lock Cable. These add-ons keep your cover secure and in place easily.

gust guard accessory Covercraft

Now that you know all about the different indoor cover options, learn how to care for your favorite fabric here to ensure your cover lasts for years to come.