Covercraft Buying Guide: Outdoor Car Covers

Outdoor Car Cover Covercraft

BY Emelie S.

If you usually park your vehicle outside, without proper protection, exposure to the elements could really do a number on it. Outdoor car covers are made to withstand harsh sun rays and weather, and ensure your interior doesn’t deteriorate over the years. If your vehicle spends most of its downtime in the garage, however, you may want to consider soft indoor car covers, which focus on protecting your car or SUV from dust and dings. If you’re unsure which is right for you, you can compare features from each by reading our comparison guide.

To find out more about the different fabrics used in our outdoor car covers, keep reading and discover the perfect type for your vehicle and lifestyle. It won’t be hard thanks to the many options below.



Designed for optimal outdoor and indoor use, the Noah Car Cover provides the best protection against all weather conditions, including acid rain. It also shields your vehicle from tree sap, bird droppings and dust, while insulating your interior from heat.

Noah Car Cover best for all weather conditions
Weathershield HP Cover available in different colors


Weathershield hp

The fabric used for the Weathershield HP Cover offers a soft touch and provides unparalleled protection against rain, snow and dust. Whenever it’s time to clean and care for your cover, you can just pop it in your washer and dryer. It stows away easily, since it requires very little storage space. It also comes in eight different colors that add style to your ride.



Providing extraordinary UV-protection and heat-insulation, the Evolution Car Cover also defends against dings and damage from the elements. Its layers block dust, but offer enough breathability to reduce any trapped moisture. You can choose this soft cover in three different color options.

evolution car cover
Breathable Sunbrella Fabric



Fashioned from extremely breathable fabric, the Sunbrella does its name justice, providing the best possible sun-protection for your vehicle. Made for intense sun, this cover comes in three different color options and is heavily woven to keep the fabric and colors from fading.


Weathershield Hd

Similar to the Sunbrella, the Weathershield HD is made for intense sun. Its fabric is crafted for all-weather protection, so snow or rain won’t be a problem either. If you experience all four seasons through the year, this cover checks all the requirements, while also providing a shield of defense against dust and other elements.

Weathershield HD Cover against intense sun
Block It 380 Cover provides soft fabric touch


Block-It 380

The breathable Block-It 380 Series fabric protects your vehicle both indoors and outdoors. It provides just enough protection to keep rain and snow at bay, while maintaining its soft-touch fabric. Although lightweight, this cover does a good job at keeping your car or SUV shielded from heat.



Reflec’tect provides all-weather protection, resisting rain, snow, dust and sun damage. With seams stitched twice for extra strength, this reflective, silver cover ensures your vehicle remains insulated from heat and away from harmful UV rays.

Reflective car cover Reflectect
Ultratect Car Cover against wind, sun and dirt



Built for powerful resistance against sun rays, Ultratect shields your vehicle from weather threats and makes sure stains from birds and trees are a thing of the past. Although soft to the touch, this cover stands up against winds and dirt. It also folds up easily for convenient storage and can be washed and dried from the comfort of your home.


Grafix series

Named after its fun color options and variation of patterns, the Grafix Series offer maximum breathability and heat insulation. Protecting your vehicle from dust, sun, rain and snow, the Grafix cover can be used outdoors or indoors. With a soft touch and a lightweight feel, this cover can be easily stored neatly when not in use and can also be thrown in for a load using conventional washing and drying machines.

Floral Print Grafix Series
Lock and Cable Accesories Covercraft



The grommets on your Covercraft car covers make it extremely easy to use with other add-ons. Invest in an optional Gust Guard if you’re afraid the wind will blow your cover away – or keep it secure from prowlers with a Lock Cable.

We hope this buying guide has made shopping for a car cover a lot easier, if you’ve already chosen your favorite fabric and cover, learn how to take good care of it here, so you can add even more years of reliable use to your new cover.