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Wood Dash Kits

Over time, your vehicle’s dash will start to show signs of wear and tear or start looking dull. Custom dash trim or dashboard overlay kits can help you add new life or a new look to a bland dashboard for a quick and easy upgrade. You spend a lot of time inside your car, looking at your dash, so you should like what you see. Automotive dashboard trim kits are a great investment to keep your vehicle looking nice and make you happy while in your car.

What are Molded Wood Dash Kits?

With dash kits, there are two styles to choose from, flat dashboard kits or molded kits. A flat kit is one, flat piece that includes cutouts for controls on your dash. Most of the time a regular, flat dash kit works perfectly for cars, especially if you are driving a sedan, crossover or a minivan. Some vehicles, like large trucks and SUVs, have interesting contours and less flat surfaces. These vehicles will look better with a molded or three-dimensional kit. A molded kit is designed to fit your truck's curves and contours like a glove. If installed correctly, it should look just as if your truck came from the factory that way. At AutoAnything, we work hard to offer only the highest quality dashboard trim and kits like industry leaders B&I and Sherwood. Both use high quality, durable materials and offer several styles in wood grain and other specialty finishes. Though molded kits are more expensive than flat kits, you won’t regret investing in one. Molded wood dash kits are super durable; a molded kit will last longer than a flat dashboard kit making it an even better investment. These truck dash overlay kits will leave your truck or SUV looking like a million bucks.

How to Install Wooden Dash Kits in Your Car

Once you choose the dashboard kit that is right for you, it is time to install. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to install kits correctly but there are definitely a few things you’ll need to do to ensure a good fit to your vehicle. First step, you’ll want to really clean the surface areas where your dashboard overlay is going. Making sure the surface is free of dirt, dust and grease is essential as the kit will not stick properly on a dirty surface and it will peel off prematurely. Find a good degreaser for this step and then rub it down with isopropyl alcohol. Now you should be ready to start the installation. Take your time, make sure the pieces are properly aligned before actually sticking a piece on. Once you know it’s a good fit, peel off the backing and gently tack the piece into place. If it’s aligned, go ahead and press it firmly down. B&I and Sherwood dash kits use 3M adhesive with maximum bond strength and a built in primer, allowing you to skip a promoter and simply “peel and stick”. Start with smaller, easier pieces to get the hang of it first. Piece by piece your new, beautiful dash will appear. When you are done, wipe it down with a soft cloth and enjoy your new interior!
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B&I Dash Kits

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Posted By Rolando N (Elk Grove, CA) / April 23, 2021