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The sun. Can't live with it, certainly can't live without it. I mean sure, it makes the lives we know possible, but it also really makes things difficult sometimes. As car owners, we know the sun will eventually wreak havoc on just about any surface it can get its rays on. Degrading our paint's clear coat, drying out our tires until they're cracking and brittle, as well as sunfading and cracking our dashboards. Not even stuff inside the car is safe! Check out our Dash Cover Buying Guide.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Silverado Dash Covers: Finding the Right Accessories for Your Truck

It’s a new truck, all fancy and shiny. It’s even wearing a bowtie on the front… and on the back! Your Chevrolet Silverado may be built like a rock and ready for business, but there’s no reason it can’t look sharp as hell as you’re driving around, right? That’s why you spend hours upon hours […] The post Silverado Dash Covers: Finding the Right Accessories for Your Truck appeared first on AutoAnything Resource Center.
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