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1997 Chevy Suburban
Dash Covers


1997 Chevy Suburban Dash Covers

The sun. Can't live with it, certainly can't live without it. I mean sure, it makes the lives we know possible, but it also really makes things difficult sometimes. As car owners, we know the sun will eventually wreak havoc on just about any surface it can get its rays on. Degrading our paint's clear coat, drying out our tires until they're cracking and brittle, as well as sunfading and cracking our dashboards. Not even stuff inside the car is safe! Check out our Dash Cover Buying Guide.
Luckily for your resale value, we have a wide selection of dash mats that not only protect your dashboard from the sun, but also add a nice look and just like your favorite rug, they really tie the room together. They also help to prevent glare from blinding you when the sun is at just the right spot in the sky to make your life miserable. Man, that thing is the worst sometimes, isn't it?

Dash Covers In-depth

With a wide variety of fabrics, materials, colors, and looks to choose from, we've got a dashboard cover for just about everyone, and at a variety of price points. You can choose from carpet, velour, camo, even suede dash covers. You're spoiled for choice as far as brand is concerned as well, with industry leaders like CoverKing, DashMat, DashTopper, and Dash Designs.

You can go for custom moulded car dash covers that are pre-shaped to match every contour of your dash, or more affordable options that are more flexible fabrics that are custom cut to fit, and will form themselves to your dashboard. To stay in place, each of our dash mats include adhesive or velcro strips to ensure that they don't slide around or end up on your lap when you stomp on the gas pedal.

Dash covers are an inexpensive way to ensure that you're getting the most out of your investment by protecting the resale value of your car by keeping your dashboard looking just as fresh and new as the day you drove it off the lot. Alternatively, if you have an older vehicle that has already seen some sun damage, car dash covers can bring back a clean look to an interior that has already suffered enough.

Also, these car dash covers aren't just functional, they can be had in a ton of different colors and patterns that can really make your car feel like yours. For instance, we have a few different camo patterns to choose from (including RealTree), as well as fun Hawaiian themes and even animal prints to match whatever style you're rocking.

Having trouble deciding which of these dash mats would best suit your needs and budget? Feel free to give us a call or hop into a chat with us. Dashboard covers are just one of many solutions we offer to keep your car protected and looking its best!
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1997 Chevy Suburban Coverking Dash Covers
1997 Chevy Suburban DashMat Dash Covers
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Customer Reviews

Coverking Carpet Dash Cover

Great Product

Perfect design and quality. View more reviews...
Posted By HTOO G (THOMASVILLE, NC) / June 9, 2020
2015 Chevy Suburban
DashMat VelourMat Dashboard Cover

Nice looking protection

I have an 06 2500 suburban ia great condition and wanted protection from sun. Looks great, and as of yet i have not applied adhesive velcro strips, but stays in place well and adds to interior. Love it! View more reviews...
Posted By Wendi S (SPRING LAKE, MI) / June 26, 2019
2006 Chevy Suburban
Coverking Molded Carpet Dash Cover

Coverking Molded Carpet Dash Cover

I found the dash cover by Coverking to be an excellent product. The fit and design are prefect for my Chevy Suburban. thanks for the great products. View more reviews...
Posted By Craig W (Deltona, FL) / April 9, 2019
2017 Chevy Suburban

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