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Pro-tip: Keep that Dashboard In-Shape with a Dash Cover

Your dashboard is to your interior what your face is to your body: the first thing most people see when they get up close. And just like the bags under your sleep-encrusted eyes, your dash can tell passengers a lot about you. Make sure you leave the best impression by protecting your stock dash with a dash cover. Even if it’s already faded, stained, cracked or torn, it’s never too late to protect the damage from getting worse…and, more importantly, conceal the unsightly appearance.

Dash covers keep your interior looking new while adding style and color. They’re computer-crafted by Coverking and other proven manufacturers and are each uniquely-tailored to your specific make, model and year. Dashboard covers, like Ford dash covers and Honda dash covers line the curves and contours of your dash, providing a quality look through precision patterns that are guaranteed not to block any of your vents, ensuring a flawless fit that looks factory-made.

More importantly, dash covers enable you to personalize your interior through a wide range of options, including a carpet dash cover, suede dash cover and even velour for those who like to rock it retro. Some models – like the Chevy Silverado dash cover or Dodge Ram dash cover – feature premium Foss Fiber material that protects your dash while helping to reduce the heat build-up in your cabin, keeping your vehicle more comfortable in any climate. Plus, many models are crafted from 100 percent recycled materials, protecting both the environment and the life of your interior.

For those looking for an even more refined appearance, a molded dash cover is available and adheres to the exact shape of your dashboard, delivering a cleaner look, maximum protection and delivering a longer product-life. These custom dashboard covers are constructed with a zigzag stitch that acts as a hinge, enabling the dash covers to contour themselves to the surface of your dashboard. This advanced design also prevents them from lifting up, sliding off or curling on the ends, retaining their like-new appearance for years.

With the front covered, don’t forget the back. Often neglected, the rear deck suffers from the fading effects of UV rays more than any other area of your interior. Similar to dashboard covers, rear deck covers provide a solid layer of protection for the back of your vehicle, deflecting the damage caused by sunlight, leaky windows or the barrage of half-empty drink containers and fast food items that build up through the course of the workweek. Rear deck covers also deliver reliable preventative protection against the damage caused by pets, shielding your interior from drool, hair, scratches and other damage.

Dash covers and rear deck covers, as well as similar Dodge accessories and other truck accessories, are designed specifically for your vehicle. This customization provides a tight, clean-looking fit that delivers style, comfort and a boost to your resale value when it’s time to trade up. Hard to believe something so beneficial could be this easy!

Please feel free to call toll-free 800.874.8888 or e-mail with any questions. We are delighted to be of assistance in finding the right auto parts for you, be they car parts, truck parts or SUV parts.

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