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Sunroof Deflectors

Sunroof Deflectors For Sale - Shop Wind Deflectors for Truck & Car Sunroofs

Most new cars these days come equipped from the factory with sunroofs or moonroofs. The popularity of these special panels has skyrocketed and it’s easy to know why: you can enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather! At first, a sunroof provides the new car owner joy and freedom - beautiful sunshine, fresh air, and a view of the sky even in rain or snow. Over time, however, the novelty of a sunroof wears off. Most people start noticing that although a sunroof has plenty of advantages, it certainly has some pitfalls, as well. Sunroofs are noisy, let in moisture, and if it’s bright and sunny, they can introduce more glare, making it hard to see. That’s where a sunroof wind deflector comes in to save the day. Sunroof deflectors are a fantastic option if you want to enjoy the perks a sunroof has to offer, but are tired of wind buffeting into your vehicle or the nasty glare from the sun.

Your sunroof lets you improve ventilation through the car's interior while venting heat out through the most efficient means, letting it go upward naturally. It can get a little loud at high speeds, though, and a sunroof wind deflector can help reduce that issue.

What is the Purpose of Sunroof Deflectors?

Wind deflectors for sunroofs are popular with drivers looking to minimize cabin turbulence and noise caused when a vehicle's sunroof is open. Without a deflector, the airflow over the vehicle tends to result in a lot of wind coming in at high speeds. With a deflector, the flow of air is smoothly directed upward just a little bit, resulting in a reduced downward airflow and less noise and wind inside the car.

While sunroof deflector installation is less popular than side window deflectors, it is still popular with those who make regular use of the sunroof at high speeds. Just like an open side window, an open sunroof can let in a lot of noise. When you direct airflow away from the vehicle, though, you also direct road noise that moves through that air via sound waves, at least a little bit, enough to make a difference when it comes to your ears.

How To Install Sunroof Wind Deflectors

The first thing to do when installing any auto accessory is to check the manufacturer's instructions for anything that might be specific to the brand. For example, some parts and accessories use custom fitment hardware that comes with it, while others rely on existing vehicle components or common hardware components.

Most of the time, deflectors simply attach to the vehicle exterior with adhesive backing that is already on the part. You need to clean and dry the area to be sure the adhesive gets a good hold on your car's body, but that tends to be all you need to do.

How to Take Care of Your Sunroof Wind Deflector

With a little care, sunroof deflectors can last a long time. Keep them clean and well-conditioned with the same exterior cleaning products you use to wash the rest of the car. It's also a good idea to visually inspect them for damage once a month or so. That way, if debris damages yours, you know to replace it right away.

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Installation is easy as long as you pick the correct size. Auto Anything has no idea what size this truck takes so you need to measure. Also, I would recommend you install in 65 degree weather or more. Otherwise you will need to use a hair dryer on the adhesive pad to get it to adhere to the roof. Otherwise it is great! View more reviews...
Posted By David S (FOREST GROVE, OR) / November 1, 2020
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