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How to Shop for Convertible Wind Deflectors

What is a Convertible Wind Deflector & How Does it Work?

Benefits of Owning a Convertible Wind Screen

  • A quieter cockpit without wind buffeting
  • Easily hear the stereo: Wind deflectors guarantee unmuffled sound from the rear speakers and their design allows you to still enjoy the full sound of your favorite tunes without all that annoying wind noise
  • Arrive to your next destination without feeling beat up: You never have to worry about hair flying around during your commute ever again
  • Enhanced conversations: Talk on your phone or to other passengers without fighting to be heard above the wind noise
  • Comfortable interior temperatures: You can cruise with the top down without freezing from cold drafts
  • Drive with your convertible’s top down for longer periods of time: With convertible wind deflectors, you can drive with the top down even on cold, winter days
  • Easy installation: Our lightweight convertible wind deflectors install with no changes to your cockpit, and set-up is hassle-free without any drilling required. These wind deflectors are also easy to clean using soap and water

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