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In-Channel vs. Tape-On Vent Visors

In-Channel Vent Visors


  • Easy to install with no adhesive, drilling or tools
  • Designed to deliver a sleek, low-profile look
  • Easy to remove or replace – just pop out at any time


  • Snug-fit design requires extra force, bending or flexing which may cause damage
  • After a few years of use, in channel window visors may loosen up, rattle or even fall out
  • Contact between visor and window may cause light glass scratching or deflector damage

Tape-On Vent Visors


  • Easily mount over your vehicle's window frames with included automotive-grade 3M tape
  • Frame coverage provides additional shelter for the entire window channel
  • No risk of scratching the glass or interfering with window operation


  • Removal process is more difficult than in-channel visors
  • After removal, leftover adhesive can leave behind a residue.
  • Mount outside the window and protrude more than in-channel

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