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Stampede Deflectors Customer Reviews

Stampede SNAPINZ Sidewind Window Deflectors Reviews

Reviewed by Wayne M (Oklahoma City, OK) — 2012-06-20 20:45:35

I purchased stampede window deflectors for my 07 Armada and they worked just great. Easy to install, wonderful. I just purchased the Stampede Snapinz for my '94 Chevy Suburban and this SNAPINZ is terrible!! I've tried to install the pieces without success, I've taken the vehicle to a shop that has professionals that put these in for a living and they couldn't get them to fit. The weather strip moulding just isn't made to accomadate the product. I have even purchased more 3-M double side tape to help make them stick, without success. I called Stampede and didn't get any help or suggestions on what might be the problem. I'm getting very sick and tired of having to re-ship everything back to AutoAnything, but it looks like that's the last thing I can do. Hopefully I will be able to get my money back and just go back to the old, Stick'em on the outside on the paint if I still want to use wind deflectors.

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