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Car Sun Shades

Throw some shade (the good kind) at your car this summer and shop our wide variety of car window shades, because he/she deserves it. And, let’s be honest, so do you. No one wants unsightly, cracked leather on their car’s interior - or to plop their booty down on 100-degree seats after letting your car roast in the sunshine for half the morning.

Top Car Sun Shades

Vehicle owners can use car sun shades to help regulate the interior temperature of their car on a sunny day, but these car accessories are also beneficial for preventing premature wear and tear on a vehicle. These accessories are made from a number of materials and come in a variety of styles, offering automotive owners unique options for car maintenance. The selection of shades from AutoAnything is sure to fit your vehicle and deliver the coverage you need.

Pros of Car Sun Shades

Sun shades will do several things for your vehicle. Entering a car after it’s been parked in the sun for several hours can be uncomfortable and downright unbearable. A shade helps keep the sun from entering the vehicle and trapping the warmth inside. A shade can also help reduce the damage done by the long-term effects of ultraviolet rays. UV rays dry out the interior of a vehicle, causing materials like vinyl, leather and other fabrics to crack and become discolored. While the damage is difficult to contend with, the volatile organic compounds released by the materials as they evaporate are also problematic.

How Long Do Car Sun Shades Last

The longevity of a sun shade depends on the quality of the materials and the amount of exposure the shade receives. Shades are designed to last for several years, but if you mistreat them through improper stowing or handling, you can damage the shade and ruin its effectiveness. A custom-fit shade will also last longer given the way it conveniently fits across the interior windshield. Manufacturers like Intro-Tech offer a lifetime warranty with their shades.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Car Sun Shades

Shades for cars are an excellent way to preserve the interior look of your dashboard, steering wheel and upholstery. By using a shade, you can decrease the heat build-up in your car by as much as 30 degrees.

Comfort is important, but you can save hundreds on unnecessary interior repairs by purchasing a quality constructed sun shade. Auto Anything carries industry-leading brands for every budget, making sure you don’t leave your dashboard unprotected. Find your perfect fit today.

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Customer Reviews

Coverking Roll Up Sun Shield


Great cover works well outdoors. View more reviews...
Posted By ian a (FARMINGVILLE, NY) / April 13, 2023
1992 Mercedes-Benz 500
Carhartt Sun Shade

You get what you pay for!

I lived in Arizona for 23 years and I've had to park my truck outside where it gets full sun all day long! I learned that a quality sunshade is an absolute must in this climate. I recently had a covercraft sun shade and I can absolutely tell you that carhartt is even better! This is an excellent sun shade and I highly recommend. View more reviews...
Posted By Frank B (Cave Creek, AZ) / March 29, 2023
Covercraft UVS100 Windshield Sun Shade

Another great Covercraft Sun Shade

Been buying Covercraft Sun Shades for years to fit various vehicles and have always been happy with the fit and quality of them. The blue tinted one that I just bought for my new Santa Fey looks great against the blue paint job. Last one lasted over ten years before it was getting a little worn around the edges, so looking forward to getting another ten years with this one. View more reviews...
Posted By Bruce H (Morrisville, PA) / January 31, 2023

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