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Windshield Covers

Save the snow shoveling for your driveway and get a premium windshield snow cover this winter. Whether your opinion of the cold falls under the, “Yes! Time to frolic in the snow!” or the “Not for me, thanks,” category, one thing we can all agree on is that frozen windshields are no fun.
It's cold, your car still needs to heat up and you aren’t sure yet if you wore enough layers. The last thing you want to do is stand out in the cold and try to coax fresh powdery snow off your vehicle or spend your entire morning commute peeking out that one teensy tiny circle of the window that dethawed before you had to leave. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Truck and car windshield covers got you covered. Well, technically, they have your car covered get the point.

Windshield Covers for Snow

A windshield snow cover is ideal for winter months in colder climates because it prevents your windshield from collecting ice and snow, but it can be used year-round to block UV rays and sun damage on the interior of your car. That means that car windshield covers are ideal for anyone living in a four-season location. A windshield for snow is an easy, inexpensive solution.

Aside from the year-round utility of our windshield covers, the set-up is a breeze. You’ll simply lift your vehicle’s windshield wipers, set your cover on one side of the car, and roll it across the windshield. Then, you’ll either affix the cover to your car with snaps that are attached to the interior via the front doors, or you’ll use the sideview mirrors to hold it in place with straps. All in all, your windshield cover for snow will take less than 1 minute to get into place and will save you hours of cussing in the cold with a snow scraper in your hand. It may even save you a windshield. Anyone who’s ever gotten just a little too forceful with the scraper understands the insult to injury that appears in the form of windshield crack after you’ve cleared the snow and sat down behind the wheel to discover the spider web crawling across the window.

Those days are behind you and any of the windshield snow covers on AutoAnything could be on their way to your doorstep with just a few clicks of your mouse. Old Man Winter and his gift of snow have a time and a place and that certainly doesn’t include frosting over your windshield with a nice layer of thin ice and fluffy snow. Increase your visibility in already-dangerous weather conditions, cut down on your winter morning commute time and protect your car’s interior from UV rays and sun damage. We’ve sourced the best car windshield covers so you don’t have to.
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Customer Reviews

Intro-Tech Automotive Windshield Snow Shade

Mixed emotions....

A little pricy, but good quality. I have a pick-up truck so it is a little tough to reach the strap on the opposite side of the truck when installing. It does a good job. View more reviews...
Posted By JOHN V (LOUISVILLE, OH) / December 22, 2020
Coverking Windshield Frost Shield

My Coverking

Great quality. It does the job no matter if snow or frost. And the price is very reasonable (I would have paid more if required). I highly recommend this product! View more reviews...
Posted By Carl J (BROOMFIELD, CO) / March 6, 2020
2001 Nissan Frontier
3D Maxpider Wintect All Season Windshield Cover

Perfect fit

I've tried universal covers in the past but they were either too wide or narrow. This one was obviously made to fit my Ford Edge. Delivery was on schedule. View more reviews...
Posted By Gary R (LOUISVILLE, KY) / January 22, 2019
2013 Ford Edge