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How To Install Thule Tire Chains

Tire Chain Installation
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Thule tire chains installation can be broken down into three easy steps. But before we get to it, you need to make sure you’ve got the right sized chains for the job. Luckily, Thule’s got a plethora of chain options for all vehicle and tire types. BMW tire chains, Honda Pilot tire chains, snow chains for Jeep Grand Cherokee—if you drive it, Thule’s got the right fit. That includes smaller circumference tire chains for Honda Civic and Toyota. Be sure to double-check your tire sidewalls before purchasing chains. Loose chains = damage to your car every time.

Installation Tip

Snow chains need to be as snug as possible in order to work properly. If you don’t have self-tensioning chains, you can keep things tight with a bungee cord. Simply hook the bungee to your snow chains so it crosses your wheel diagonally. You should still check the tightness of your chains every few miles.

Examining Your Chains

Since Thule has so many options when it comes to snow gear, it’s important to know what type of chains you’re working with before you’re knee deep in snow. If you sprung for cheap, you’ll likely have color-coded assembly points to help guide your way. If you went more heavy-duty, you’ll probably be dealing with a self-tensioning system. Different chains make for different installation processes, but the following should apply to all.

Simple Tire Chain Install Steps

Step 1: Lay chains down on the ground with metal hooks facing down.

Step 2: Line up your wheels and drive halfway onto the chains.

Step 3: Wrap the chains over both sides of the tire and hook (inside first). Make sure the chains are as tight as possible.

Final Installation and Maintenance Tips

Before you leave the house, take your chains out of the box. Check that nothing’s broken or tangled. Check that the installation instructions are included. Once that’s done, put everything back in the box and put the box in your trunk or backseat. IMPORTANT: You need tire chains for all drive wheels, so know if you have front, rear or all wheel drive before heading out.

Product Comparison
Thule XB-16 Tire Chains
Thule CB-12 Tire Chains
Thule XG-12 Tire Chains
Product Name
Sale Price
$161.95 /pr
$79.95 /pr
$251.95 /pr
Customer Rating (9) (15) (9)
Ease of Installation
FeaturesIncludes GlovesIncludes GlovesIncludes Gloves
Includes Kneeling PadIncludes Kneeling PadIncludes Kneeling Pad
Self Tension System
Gloves IncludedYesYesYes
Kneeling Pad IncludedYesYesYes
Recommended UseSUVsCarsSUVs
Self Tension SystemNoNoYes
TypeChain LinkChain LinkChain Link
Warranty1-year warranty1-year warranty1-year warranty

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