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Konig K-Summit Tire Chains

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  • Konig K-Summit Tire Chains are the easiest to mount and deliver maximum grip
  • Simple 3-step installation process using Thule’s ingenious lug-mounted ratchet system
  • Konig K-Summit Tire Chains require zero rear wheel clearance
  • Their injection-molded plastic traction plates use metal studs to cut through slippery surfaces and ensure safe handling
  • Chain links are built from hardened Manganese Nickel Steel Alloy for intense durability
  • Unlike old-school snow chains, the Konig K-Summit Tire Chains feature steel tensioning springs for a snug fit that won’t bash against your rims
  • Works on passenger vehicles with 17mm, 19mm or 21mm lug nuts—not designed for trucks and SUVs
  • Fold up your K-Summit Tire Chains and store them in the included carrying bag
  • Comes with gloves and a kneeling pad for clean installations
  • Sold in pairs
  • Meets all American and European regulations
  • 1-year warranty
When you're headed up the mountain for some serious downhill skiing, you don't want to waste time at a checkpoint fumbling with old-fashioned show chains. Nothing's worse that freezing your fingers off while you strain to hook chains around the inside of your wheel well. On your next trip into the snow flurries, pack along Konig K-Summit Tire Chains. They install quick and easy using a lug-mounted ratchet system, and require no rear-wheel clearance.

Along with their simple mounting, Konig K-Summit Tire Chains deliver unsurpassed grip on both snow and ice. Their traction plates are a blend of injection-molded plastic with metal studs that seize the streets and fight off the skids.

Don't worry about scratching up your alloy wheels-K-Summit Tire Chains feature steel tensioning springs that ensure a snug fit that won't slap against your rims. When the frost thaws, they fold up and store conveniently in an included storage bag. Plus, they come with a 1-year warranty.


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K-summit product review

I like the design of the product and they seem easy to put on. I have been unable to do so since the product was sent without the adapter required to mount onto a 21mm lugnut; but that is being corrected by Thule. Also, I am told that any future k-summits being sent out are to include the 17mm, 19mm and the 21mm adapters as opposed to just the 17mm and 19mm. Some minor adjustments need to be made to get it to fit exactly to the tire specifics and I am sort of confused on how to do it; but there is a local Thule expert in the area who is more than happy to assist. They are great for vehicles that have no clearance on between the tire and spring on the inside of the wheel; since they don't have any part of them that rest inside. They are also very expensive, perhaps even overpriced.
Posted By Bradley B (Portland, OR) / December 4, 2009
2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse