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When it comes to delivering the high-quality performance car battery power you’re looking for, Braille batteries are at the top of their class. Braille brings together an impressive team of designers, engineers and drivers to deliver light-weight and powerful batteries. Whether it’s your racecar or your daily driver, a Braille battery is designed to crank it up.
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Braille No-Weight Batteries

Braille batteries

I have this Battery, in my 2008 GTI it works great. My car stars every time, all my power options still work. Once I left my inside light on for some time thought it would not start it did. If I could, I would do a sponsorship with this company if possible. Everyone is shocked when they see its so small and light 7lbs from my 31.5lbs battery. Go Braille View more reviews...
Posted By Kenneth L (CLARKSVILLE, TN) / January 24, 2020
2008 Volkswagen GTI
Braille Battery Mounting Hardware

Solid Product for Your Battery

This is a great idea and looks good also. The only problem you may encounter is to remove the battery from the car first since the hook part of the new rods have very tight clearances. View more reviews...
Posted By George M (Milledgeville, GA) / November 9, 2016
1979 Datsun 280ZX
Braille Endurance Batteries


Worked well in placing this battery in the trunk. Lots of power to drive the accessories. View more reviews...
Posted By Bob R (Danville,, IL) / January 20, 2015