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OPTIMA Batteries & Jump Boxes

Are you starting to see signs that your car’s battery needs replacing? Does it have a slow crank or an illuminated check engine light? If you find yourself saying yes to any of these descriptions, it might be time to get a new battery. Generally, your car battery needs to be replaced every three to five years. Other factors can play into a battery's lifespan though, and make it even shorter. For example, hot and cold climates can do a number on car batteries. The heat causes corrosion and battery drainage and the cold makes your battery work harder to generate energy. In addition to temperatures, driving style also affects a car’s battery. Going on numerous short errands will not allow the battery to fully charge; however, on the other hand, a car that is stored in the garage or driveway and never taken out tends to have a drained battery, as well. If your car falls into either of these categories, you may find yourself changing your battery sooner than you expected. If it is time to replace it, you should look into OPTIMA batteries. OPTIMA has been in the industry for over 40 years and has proven to be the ultimate power source; for people looking for high performing batteries.

There are several reasons why OPTIMA batteries are a great choice for a replacement. A typical car battery lasts about three to five years. But because OPTIMA uses AGM technology, their batteries last usually about twice as long, so you will not have to replace it as often. In addition, OPTIMA batteries are completely sealed. What does that mean for you? They are leak proof! You will not need to worry about engine contaminants damaging your vehicle. Since they are sealed, they lend the option to place these batteries in different positions without worrying you about leaks. You are not just buying any battery when you invest in an OPTIMA, but rather, you are buying their Spiralcell Technology. Sprialcall Technology is what OPTIMA is most well-known for. This design, therefore, results in more power produced compared to a regular flat cell battery.

Most modern cars and trucks have multiple modifications and upgrades that require a ton of power. If your vehicle has power hungry mods like hydraulics, winches, and light bars, the Yellowtop Battery is the one for you. Even if you do not have these kinds of off-road accessories, the Yellowtop is an excellent choice for family vehicles that have DVD players, GPS, or sound systems. Anything that requires a large power supply will benefit from the OPTIMA Yellowtop.

AutoAnything carries the Yellowtop battery as well as OPTIMA chargers, designed to charge AGM batteries. Any battery you purchase will discharge overtime, but the benefit of an OPTIMA is that it will discharge at a slower rate, leading them to last longer. However, if your Yellowtop is in a vehicle not used very frequently, it is wise to get an OPTIMA charger, too, and keep it fully charged. If you are searching for OPTIMA batteries for sale, you came to the right place. At AutoAnything, you will definitely find the best price - but OPTIMA batteries are well worth the investment regardless. You will have a higher powered, longer lasting, and maintenance free battery.

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OPTIMA Yellow Top Battery

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OPTIMA Red Top Battery

Great battery

Great battery. Good price and quality. Ease in ordering and fast shipment. View more reviews...
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1995 Dodge Ram