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Performance Exhaust Systems

Performance Exhaust Systems

How does a bad exhaust system ruin your life? Let us count the ways. Just kidding, the limit does not exist. Factory exhaust systems do their job, don’t get us wrong, but they aren’t always as efficient or sound as good as a high-performance system. Over time, rust and corrosion can yield them flat-out useless. When it’s time to upgrade, you have a few options. In any case, upgrading the exhaust system on your vehicle could do everything from save you money on gas to give your muffler a tone as deep as Morgan Freeman’s.
Cat-back exhaust systems (in case you need a refresher) run from the catalytic converter outlet all the way to the exhaust tip. This includes your mufflers. An axle-back exhaust, on the other hand, just replaces the mufflers and exhaust tips on your car. If you’re looking for some shorthand: when you’re happy with the exhaust flow and power on your vehicle, an axle-back exhaust will do. It changes the exhaust sound so you can rev the engine and mean it. Want to give the flow an overhaul, too? A cat-back exhaust system it is.

Performance cat-back exhaust systems are custom bent for the make, model, and year of your vehicle. In fact, Mandrel-bent tubing can increase exhaust airflow by an impressive 36%. Oh, and high-quality band clamps provide a leak-free seal. But wait, there’s more! 409 stainless steel tubing is resistant to corrosion and provides fast-flowing, efficient exhaust release. Want a smooth growl, not a harsh and bombastic noise when you hit the gas? Look for an exhaust with acoustical-absorbing material (each product page will let you know how loud each system is going to be).

Not only can adding a new axle-back exhaust or cat-back exhaust to your vehicle change the sound of your engine, but also free up some back pressure for more power -- especially when paired with other modifications. Stainless steel exhausts can handle salty and wet conditions, so, yes, winter might be coming, but it doesn’t stand a chance against your new high-performance set up. Internal diameter consistency means less back pressure, too.

Most of the cat-back exhaust systems from AutoAnything have easy, no-hassle installation. That means you can put your welding equipment away for now. Your hand tools are all you need to be the hero of your garage. This is true whether you’re working with a gas or diesel engine. Need a dual-exit system? No problem, many of our low maintenance kits are designed to handle either single or dual exits.

Start browsing our inventory of cat-back exhaust and other high-performing exhaust systems now, and you’ll be ready to take care of that inefficient emissions problem once and for all. Be sure to take advantage of our 1-year price match guarantee along the way. And check out our customer reviews to see what real car and truck owners have to say about the exhaust systems available on AutoAnything (spoiler: they say a lot of good stuff).
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Customer Reviews

Flowmaster Exhaust Systems


I love the sound , but the fitment on the tail pipes could have been BETTER View more reviews...
Posted By E Renee S (MT ZION, IL) / January 12, 2021
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2020 Ram 2500 Mega Cab Limited Install

this was an AWESOME add to my new Ram 2500 Mega Cab Limited! It took more time to get the old one out of the rubber mounts then it di to install the new AFE pieces. The only thing that needed to be done that wasn't planned for was to cut about 8" of the end to make the tip a nicer looking install! View more reviews...
Posted By Brian H (SAINT CHARLES, MO) / November 22, 2020
Gibson Exhaust Systems

exhaust upgrade

Decided to upgrade my stock F-150 5.0LT, exhaust. Went with Gibson and couldn't be happier. Great sound, not overly loud, and no interior droning. Highly recommend. View more reviews...
Posted By Jeff K (MESA, AZ) / November 17, 2020
2015 Lincoln MKZ

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