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Performance Mufflers

Performance Mufflers

We’ll just come out and say it. New cars are too quiet. If we wanted to accelerate in silence, we’d all be driving Teslas, right? We want a little rumble when we stomp the go-pedal! Mufflers are responsible for regulating the sound coming out of your tailpipe; they can be used to create a deep tenor or silence your car’s emissions so you’re as quiet as a mouse (or a Prius, as the case may be).
You know what they say: “The bigger the muffler, the quieter the car.” No, really, they do say that… because it’s true. If you want to decrease the amount of noise coming from the back of your car, performance mufflers with large chambers are the key to success. On the other hand, if you’re customizing a car and want to make it a bit louder, a smaller muffler casing can help achieve the right sound.

Beyond noise level, what should you look for in performance mufflers? The best ones are made of steel or another hearty metal that won’t corrode due to heat or moisture. Think T409 or T304 stainless steel. High-quality mufflers also have a chamber that’s designed to speed up airflow and make your system more efficient. Free-flowing chamber or spiral design. It’s up to you. But no matter the design, or the make, model, or year of your car, AutoAnything has mufflers to choose from. You have a few options when it comes to sizing: you can either choose a model with a wide range of inlet and outlet sizes, or go with a universal muffler that will fit most pipe diameters and configurations. Either way, look for a tight seal to ensure a leak-free exhaust system.

Performance mufflers are also a step up from your factory-installed version because they’re often better at cutting the back pressure. By freeing your exhaust system from restrictions, you may notice better gas mileage.

Even racing and off-roading can’t stop your muffler from doing its job. Many of the performance mufflers on AutoAnything are built for almost any circumstances. Road tested, tough mufflers are ready to pump up the volume on your truck and withstand speed, dirt, and maybe the occasional parking lot donut -- but you didn’t hear that last part from us.

A good performance muffler can help you get the sound as well as look good for the few times you’ll actually be looking at them. AutoAnything mufflers are available in steel, chrome, and black. Get the sound you’re going for! But first, make sure to take advantage of our 1-year price match guarantee and limited warranties. Because you don’t have to spend too much for the right parts or settle for less than the best.
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2011 Nissan Frontier
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