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What is the Best Flowmaster Exhaust System?

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From the headers and cats, out through the mufflers and exhaust tips, there’s no doubt that Flowmaster crafts high-quality exhaust systems. But, the real question is which are the best Flowmaster exhaust systems for your specific vehicle. Well, Flowmaster makes a huge lineup of components and kits for a variety of vehicles, so we need to dig a little deeper.

Flowmaster Exhaust Systems - American Thunder

Flowmaster Exhaust Systems - American Thunder

Flowmaster American Thunder

The Flowmaster American Thunder system is the most famous—and loudest—system in the lineup. Designed for late-model trucks, SUVs, muscle and performance cars, these bolt-on kits are specifically designed for massive power and a deep rumble.

Flowmaster Force II

For a massive boost in power along with a mellower exhaust note, the Flowmaster Force II is for you. They fit the same vehicles as the American Thunder, only the quieter, smoother exhaust tone won’t make your neighbors hate you.

Flowmaster Mufflers 50 Series Delta Flow

Flowmaster Mufflers 50 Series Delta Flow

Popular Flowmaster Mufflers

Sometimes, an entire system is more than you bargained for, or, they simply don’t make one for your vehicle. In that case, go for one of Flowmaster’s universal mufflers. They have a lineup of over 13 mufflers, each designed for a specific sound, but the following three are the most popular.

Flowmaster Super 44
  • This is the most aggressive performance street muffler ever built by Flowmaster. With a cool diamond tread 4” case, it’s also the best-looking.
Flowmaster 50 series
  • Designed specifically for SUVs, this 3-chamber muffler is crafted for in-cab quiet, out-cab roar and white-knuckle SUV power.
Flowmaster 40 series
  • This 2-chamber muffler is designed for a variety of vehicles. It has the mildest sound in the lineup, but all the horsepower and torque you'd expect from the boys at Flowmaster.

What’s the Best Flowmaster Exhaust System for You?

So the bottom line is that the best Flowmaster exhaust system is the one that’s best for your vehicle. Shop carefully, and you’re sure to find the perfect Flowmaster flow and tone built specifically to bring out the rumble in your ride.

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Flowmaster Exhaust Systems - American Thunder
Flowmaster Exhaust Systems - Force II
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