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Borla vs. Gibson: More Than Just Loud Exhaust Systems

When it comes to streamlining the power of your engine, there are a number of ways to go: cold air intakes, performance chips and an array of other aftermarket parts and upgrades that deliver increased performance. But, if you’re looking for one of the most direct methods, look no further than your exhaust system.

Your exhaust system is composed of tubing that expels exhaust gases away from the controlled combustion taking place inside your engine. But, just how efficient they are depends on what you have under the hood. Stock exhaust components are intended primary to muffle sound but in doing so stifle performance by creating backpressure that acts as an inadvertent brake against the engine. Aftermarket parts are a whole different ball game. They simplify the tubing through which exhaust gases flow to allow the engine extra breathing room.

Performing one of your engine’s most vital functions, exhaust systems streamline performance by increasing horsepower, gas mileage and overall efficiency. In fact, they’re been proven to boost power output from 5 - 10 percent while delivering improved fuel efficiency so long as you don't throw the hammer down too hard too often!

But with so many exhaust systems to choose from, which one is right you?

Two of the biggest names in the business are Borla and Gibson. Each has been producing vehicle-specific aftermarket exhaust systems for decades. And, depending on your desired output, each can deliver some unique benefits.

Borla exhaust components have won more awards in the professional racing circuit than any other exhaust brand, making them the number-one choice for championship racing teams worldwide. Borla exhaust components, like Tacoma Borla exhaust headers, feature custom mandrel-bends, 100 percent stainless-steel construction and a patented muffler design that work in unison to deliver optimal performance in sound, power and flow. And with each part designed for your specific make, model and year, Borla exhaust components mount to your original exhaust locations, with no further modifications to your vehicle required.

Similarly, Gibson exhaust systems are composed of tubing that expels exhaust gases away from the controlled combustion taking place inside your engine. Each kit is custom-engineered for a seamless fit and features mandrel-bent pipes for smooth exhaust flow. Plus, the SuperFlow muffler’s straight-though design virtually eliminates backpressure, delivering enhanced performance and a distinctive growl. Best of all, Gibson exhaust systems – featuring components like Gibson headers for the Toyota Tundra and other Tundra Gibson exhaust parts – also offer up to five unique styles, including single or dual tailpipes and side exit or rear exit, making them highly versatile to suit any custom requirements.

Finally, after you’ve streamlined performance, why not add some flash to your new Borla exhaust or Gibson exhaust systems? With customized exhaust tips, like Tacoma Borla tips, the Borla square intercooled exhaust tip, Tundra Gibson tips and the Gibson Sport exhaust tip, you can dress up your pipes with styles and finishes that include flush edges, angle cuts and turndown bends.

Exhaust systems are one of the smartest Toyota modifications you’ll ever make. Saving you some serious coin in both fuel and repair costs, each component in constructed from highly durable materials to deliver a long life of reliable performance.

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