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Chevy Silverado Exhaust Tips

Exhaust Tips

If your vroom vroom sounds more like a whimper than a roar, you may be in the market for an exhaust tip. These ornamental additions to your exhaust system do more than help vent your engine. Aftermarket exhaust tips can also produce a throaty, deeper tone than your factory exhaust. For gearheads who want to rev their engine -- and mean it -- there may not be a more important accessory.
Your modified truck, like Rodney Dangerfield, can’t seem to get a lick of respect. For all the custom paint and tires you’ve invested in, something feels off. It might have something to do with that rusted exhaust tip that putters out like a sad balloon when you hit the gas. Time to check out AutoAnything’s inventory of chrome exhaust tips, black exhaust tips, and stainless steel exhaust tips. Available in 2” to 6” sizes, our exhaust tips always fit the bill (and, more importantly, your exhaust pipe).

Aside from serving an important auditory function, an exhaust tip just makes your ride look better. Chrome exhaust tips give a little sparkle to the back of your truck, black exhaust tips complement matte bumpers, and stainless steel exhaust tips look contemporary and are built to last. In other words: even though it’s just the tip, this accessory can really change the look of your carefully detailed car or truck.

Now, do you need to be a mechanic to change the exhaust tip on your ride? Thanks for asking. No, you don’t need to be a pro to manage adding a different exhaust tip. AutoAnything sells plenty of bolt on. You can practically make the change while you’re blindfolded -- though, we don’t technically recommend that. Like most things in life, there is an exception to the rule and some need to be welded on. If you choose one of those, you may want to get some help (we’d hate for you to lose an eyebrow).

Whether you choose a round angle cut or a square angle, a good exhaust tip not only looks sharp, but stands the test of many revs. Look for engineering that guarantees no flaking, rusting, or discoloration. Thick construction and top-notch metal means your new tip won’t be affected by heat or corrosion. Most exhaust tips are also covered by a warranty. Oh, and finding the right fit is easy on AutoAnything -- select your vehicle at the top of the page to guarantee that you’re getting the right one.

When it comes to choosing a new exhaust tip, there isn’t a right answer. Chrome exhaust tips, black exhaust tips, and stainless steel exhaust tips each offer their own style and give your ride an updated look. Rusted is so last season. So choose your new tip from AutoAnything’s huge selection of finishes, sizes, and shapes, and then get to installing. And know you’re getting the best price out there with our 1-year price match guarantee.
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Customer Reviews

Go Rhino Exhaust Tips

Go Rino exhaust tip. 2.75 Inlet. 2015 Silverado

Fit perfect Looks good , great price and great customer service...only problem I had was condensation would sit in the bottom of the tip because the tip is rolled so I drilled a small hole on the bottom of the rolled tip. Can't tell hole is there drains good. View more reviews...
Posted By David L (Sault Sainte Marie , MI ) / April 4, 2019
2015 Chevy Silverado
Gibson Slash Exhaust Tip

nice quality tip

great looking exhaust tip, very easy to install and easy to clamp down. View more reviews...
Posted By Chris L (Rosemount , MN ) / April 1, 2019
2018 Chevy Silverado
RBP Round Exhaust Tips

Great Looking Tip

Well made and easy to install. View more reviews...
Posted By Doug S (Casa Grande, AZ) / August 17, 2016
2016 Chevy Silverado

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