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The Almighty Flowmaster Muffler Guide: Muffler Tones on a Dodge Challenger

Super 50 Series - Mild

50 Series Delta Flow - Mild

Pro Series - Moderate

40 Series Delta Flow – Aggressive

Super 40 – Aggressive

40 Series – Aggressive

Super 44 – Aggressive

Super 10 – Aggressive

How to Find the Perfect Balance of Sound and Flow

  • Install a tubing size that your motor needs and nothing bigger.
  • Be realistic when choosing a muffler—if you plan on commuting, don’t use a race muffler.
  • Don’t over-buy. It’s easy to lose horsepower by bolting an expensive “racing” exhaust on a stock engine. Instead, choose an affordable kit that’s designed for stock applications—the power gains will surprise you.
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