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How to Install a Magnaflow Exhaust System

Magnaflow Exhaust Installation
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When it comes to bang-for-your-buck performance upgrades, a custom-made, high-performance exhaust system can’t be beat. They free up the factory stranglehold that the OEM system has on your engine to let it exhale and breathe freely for added horsepower, torque, throttle response and even MPGs if you can keep your foot out of it.

Helpful Tips

The first time you run your rig after the installation of your new performance exhaust, you may see and smell smoke and fumes coming from the system. Fear not, this isn’t the smoke monster from LOST coming for you. It’s just the protective oil-based coating Magnaflow used in the manufacturing process. And, unlike LOST reruns, this smoke will disappear shortly after the exhaust has reached normal operating temperatures.

Choosing a Magnaflow Exhaust System

Of course, when shopping performance exhaust, you always want to stick with the brand names. And the biggest brand in the biz is Magnaflow exhaust! That’s because no system on the road sounds like a Magnaflow exhaust sounds, and no installation will go as easy as a Magnaflow exhaust installation.

No matter what you drive, set up your work area before you start. Make sure you have a flat spot that’s smooth and shady. Along with the usual hand tools, a rolling creeper is gonna come in real handy. Once you have your workspace, jack up your vehicle, chock the front wheels and always use weight-rated jack stands. Now you’re ready for some installation action:

Magnaflow Exhaust Installation Steps

  • 1. Lubricate all hangers and rubber isolators
  • 2. Unbolt the flange at the front of the muffler assembly
  • 3. Save hardware for the installation of your new exhaust system
  • 4. Remove hangers from rubber isolators and lower the factory exhaust system
  • 5. Place new exhaust into position
  • 6. Install hangers into rubber isolators, but do not tighten clamps at this time
  • 7. Check your new exhaust system for proper clearance under the vehicle and for tip alignment
  • 8. Once in position, tighten the clamps and flanges to manufacturer torque specs
  • 9. Start vehicle and check for any leaks
  • 10. If any leaks are found, determine cause (loose or incorrectly positioned clamp) and repair as necessary
  • 11. Get ready to wake the neighbors!

Magnaflow Exhaust System Variations

Now, installing an F150 exhaust system with Ford truck headers and Magnaflow mufflers is going to go a bit differently than installing Magnaflow exhaust systems for Chevy trucks and Dodge Challengers, but the concept is the same. That’s because Magnaflow designs each kit specifically for your year, make and model vehicle. From the mandrel bent tubes to the high-performance exhaust muffler to the Magnaflow tips and every clamp, fitting and gasket in between, your Magnaflow exhaust kit is custom built.

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