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How to Install Gibson Exhaust Tips

Installing Exhaust Tips
Installation Videos

Though there are as many exhaust tip shapes & sizes as there are frat pledges willing to shotgun bottles of rot gut, strip to their skivvies and ride around all night in his future “brother’s” trunk, there are only two ways to install one: clamp or weld. And, since all exhaust systems really should have a tip, you must make this crucial decision. So, ask yourself, “When adding the pièce de résistance to my brand new exhaust system, do I have the tools and know how needed for my chosen method of Gibson exhaust tip installation?

Helpful Tips

Wrestling with your vehicle all weekend can suck the fun out of it. So, it’s a smart idea to recruit a friend to help out. Here’s a recruiting tip for your exhaust installation project: tip the scales in your favor by tipping your unwitting recruit with promises of cold drinks and hot chow mein. With the promise of a full stomach and a satiated palate, most people get on the helping-hand tip with no further negotiating needed.

Exhaust Tip Installation

If you find yourself lacking the tools it takes to weld a tip in place, you may want to get yourself a bolt-on exhaust tip. These come in a wide variety of styles and from nearly every exhaust manufacturer, but they all share the same quality. There is a slit in the side of the pipe that allows the tip to slip onto the exhaust turndown end of your muffler. Then a clamp, either integrated or separate depending on the style, tightens up, pinching the slot around the muffler. This method is not only easy, it’s fast, which leaves you with some time to mix up a nice Gibson cocktail to relax with after the hard work’s done.

Welding on Your Gibson Tip

Your other option is to weld your tip in place. Even the aforementioned clamp on tips install easily, they just can't look as clean as a welded tip due to the clamp. And, when you can drop upwards of a hundred bucks on a set of polished dual-walled rolled exhaust tips, or even more on those exotic European rectangular exhaust tips, a clumsy clamp just isn’t going to cut it. In these cases, welding is a must.

Opting for Professional Installation

Now, welding a tip to the end of your mufflers Gibson exhaust sounds impossible, especially if you don’t have a welder, but there is another option. You can have your exhaust tips installed by a professional shop that specializes in exhaust systems. They have a hydraulic lift and an arsenal of welding machines at their disposal. So for them, tossing your vehicle on the lift, walking under and tacking that thing onto the end of your Gibson muffler only takes about 10 minutes, for which they’ll charge you between 20 and 100 bucks. If you have the cash, this is a great option.

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