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How to Shop for the Best Mufflers

Performance Mufflers vs. OEM Mufflers

  • A performance muffler is generally far more open internally, when compared to your ride’s stock motor and has specially designed baffling that smoothly directs exhaust flow
  • The additional exhaust flow a performance muffler supports allows your engine to run more efficiently, which boosts horsepower and fuel economy
  • Unlike your OEM muffler, performance mufflers are designed to highlight the natural tone of your engine while keeping sound volumes at reasonable levels. With one of our mufflers installed, you’ll not only feel an increase in performance, you’ll hear it
  • Performance mufflers are generally made from aluminized steel, but also come in stainless steel, which is perfect for use in moist areas or where road salt is used, due to their resistance to corrosion

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Things to Consider when Shopping for Performance Mufflers

  • Again, if you live in areas with high moisture or where road salt is used, you’ll want to go with a stainless steel muffler. You’ll often have 2 grades of stainless steel to choose from as well: T409 and T304. Between the two, T304 will have the greatest corrosion resistance and your ride’s body panels will most likely rust away well before you start seeing corrosion on a T304 muffler. But if you live in drier areas, an aluminized steel muffler will work just fine. Either way, your performance muffler will perform great, so if you don’t need corrosion resistance, it doesn’t matter which metal makes up your muffler
  • In most cases mufflers are perfectly street legal. The only time they won’t be is if they allow exhaust volume levels to exceed legal limits. To avoid getting fix-it tickets from cars with flashing red and blue lights, we recommend you don’t use race mufflers on your street ride
  • You won’t have to worry about your factory warranty being voided after installing a performance muffler thanks to the Magnusson Moss Warranty Act. This basically says if the dealership can’t prove your new muffler caused an issue, they can’t void your ride’s warranty
  • When it comes to muffler sizes, smaller you go in case size, they louder they will be. That’s because mufflers with smaller cases won’t have as many sound reducing baffles inside them. That’s why some race mufflers are comically small, yet incredibly loud
  • If there isn’t a direct fit muffler available for your vehicle, you’ll have to measure your OEM muffler’s case-length, width, inlet/outlet sizes & layout and find the performance muffler that most closely matches the measurements you took. Keep in mind when you see a muffler that has a 2 ½” inlet for example, this means the inlet of the muffler will slide over a 2 ½” exhaust pipe and not the literal size of the inlet itself. This is done so you can slide the muffler into place and either weld it or lock it down with a muffler clamp

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