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Exhaust Buying Guide

Nothing sets a power purist’s hair standing on end like the throaty rumble of a performance exhaust system. Low and intimidating under idle, booming and ferocious at full bore—it’s the voice of your engine warning slowpokes to step aside. But with tons of options to sift through, finding the right aftermarket exhaust system for your car, truck or SUV can leave some people speechless. Don’t worry—we’ve done the leg work for you. Check out our library of in-depth guides for expert advice and pro tips on picking and installing the perfect exhaust. Whether you’re itching to swap mufflers, drop in headers or replace your entire system, we’ll give you the scoop on screaming exhausts.

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Corsa Exhaust System

How to Shop for the Best Exhaust System


Install Guides & How-to's

How to Install an Exhaust System

You don’t need to be an SAE-certified mechanic to mount an exhaust system to your ride. Take a look at our exhaust installation guide to see the general steps for bolting up an aftermarket exhaust.


Catalytic Converter

How to Install a Catalytic Converter

Picking out a catalytic converter is one thing. Mounting it to your exhaust takes a bit more know-how. For an overview of how to upgrade your catalytic converter, check out our installation guide.



How to Install Performance Headers

Squeezing a high-flow set of headers under the hood can be a challenge. Make sure your DIY install flows as smoothly as your soon-to-be exhaust by reading through into our intro guide to mounting performance headers.


Advanced Topics & Comparison Articles

Header Wrap

Exhaust Wrap Calculator


Did You Know?

  • Most shorty headers bolt right up to factory parts.
  • Most cat back exhausts do not require welding.
  • You can actually lose torque with a muffler that's too large.

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