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Magnaflow Catalytic Converters Review - SEMA 2013

Video Transcription

Hello, this is Richard at Magnaflow and we’re here at SEMA 2013. We have a whole lot of new products to talk about, but first, we’re going to address some of the questions about catalytic converters. A lot of people wonder, does the aftermarket catalytic converter install the same way as the factory converter? First answer to that is, in one case, with the universals, no. The universals will require some degree of custom fabrication, whether it’s welding, cutting or something to actually place it back in the system. On the other hand, we do have our direct-fit components which are actually like the name implies, a direct-fit part. Our OEM grade versus our standard grade in the 49-state application has a difference of loading. The OEM grades are designed around vehicles that wear basically a California certified part that’s outside the state of California. These parts have a higher loading, which causes them to have a Check Engine light if they’re not using the appropriate CAT. So one of the things you’ll look for is check under the hood of the emissions tag, if it says it’s a California CAT, even if it’s outside the state of California, an OEM grade is the proper part for you. When you’re talking about driver’s side and passenger side, those things only apply to a motor that is in the forward facing position. 4-cylinder motors in some of the V6s are actually twisted sideways, and in those cases, you’re going to want to look for the location which we identified as a front CAT or a rear CAT, which will identify, again, what will usually be called a driver’s side or a passenger side. Look at the location segment to find out what exactly the OEM is going to use as a definition for what is the location. Once you’ve determined the installation, the proper parts and everything, the last thing of course is, what does it come with. The catalytic converters in the direct-fit segment actually have all the parts necessary to do an installation. Sometimes that means that you’re going to re-use some of the hardware or some of the gaskets provided by the OE. If those cannot be reused, they should be included in the kit. In the event that you do have a universal product, you will have to purchase the additional products and/or do the fabrication required to install that component. The final question that we have is, does the actual catalytic converter add to horsepower? Well the way that we design our catalytic converters is to meet or exceed the federal standard that we have for 49-state program. We do use a different cell per square inch otherwise known as a CPI which may enhance airflow characteristics, but inherently, the design of the catalytic converter is such that it meets those standards to make sure that we convert the proper amount of harmful emissions into clean air. No matter what CAT you’re looking for, whether it’s 49-state or California, Magnaflow provides an extensive catalog of direct-fit and universal products. If it’s quality you need and a certification to pass, we have the right product for you. If you’re looking to shop,’s got the part for you.

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