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Magnaflow Exhaust Systems Review - SEMA 2013

Video Transcription

Hi, this is Richard at Magnaflow and we’re here at SEMA 2013. We’re going to start off with some questions you guys have asked about what goes on with our performance exhaust systems. First one — what are they made of? Stainless steel construction is pretty much the basis of all the parts that we make. We do have an entire line of diesel components, however, that are aluminized steel. Based upon what you’re looking for, we do have an option in most of those categories. All of our single exhaust systems that exit in the factory location are designed to work around the factory provisions, which means that if it has a spare tire, it has a heat shield, break lines are in the way, everything will be routed so that there’s no modification required. If you do require a dual-exit exhaust or something that’s a non-stock location, any exhaust system that requires you to relocate or move the spare tire will be noted as such. When you’re talking about emissions, we have to look at anything that’s built behind the catalytic converter. Our cat back exhaust systems are all 50-state legal. Neither of them impede or change the actual functionality of the catalytic converter or the emissions systems, thereby making them exempt from any of those rules. If you do happen to get an off-road part or you do happen to get a turbo back component, you will need to check local laws regarding the legality of those particular systems. One of the things our engineers spend a great deal of time on is evaluating what the tailpipe sound is, as well as the interior sound. When you’re developing the exhaust system, we want to make sure that the system actually increases performance but does not do so at the detriment of the comfort of the vehicle. When we develop our street series, we’re basically giving you an exhaust system that has an enhanced output and enhanced sound, but it is not really going to impede upon that comfort level that you have inside the vehicle. If you are desiring something with a lot more output, whether it’s for horsepower purposes or for sound, we do have our competition series, and with our competition series or even our Magna packs, you’ll find that, that sound level will be increased and may actually impede a little bit on that interior drone. With all that said, we get the Magnaflow promise of quality power and sound. Dyno-proven, made in the USA, when you’re ready to select that Magnaflow Performance Exhaust … choose

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