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Volkswagen Catalytic Converters

We don't know exactly what kind of person would bid on this vehicle and we certainly know that we wouldn't want to take a ride with the highest bidder, but the VW bus owned by Jack Kevorkian, Dr. Death, recently went up for sale. At one point, the rusty bus was rigged up with Kevorian's tools of the trade, as we understand it. We once owned a VW where the engine died every time we put on our left turn signal, but none of our passengers ever suffered the same fate. We'd rather focus on accessories good for the health of your vehicle and people, like Volkswagen catalytic converters.
Stock Volkswagen catalytic converters do a great job keeping our air clean, but they aren't designed to maximize your car's power. Here at AutoAnything we feature high performance Volkswagen catalytic converters that meet emissions requirements, but give you back lost horsepower. All our Volkswagen catalytic converters are direct replacements for your stock catalytic converts, so they are easy to install. So, why not have the best of both worlds, clean air and engine power? Toss your Volkswagen catalytic converter into your shopping cart knowing that you always get a 1-year lower price guarantee when you shop at AutoAnything.
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Customer Reviews

PaceSetter Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters (Federal EPA-Compliant)

Great product at great value

fit prefect, order came in sooner then expected. View more reviews...
Posted By Vitaliy S (VANCOUVER, WA) / June 24, 2020
2006 Jeep Liberty
PaceSetter Exhaust Manifold Catalytic Converters (Federal EPA-Compliant)

Exact bolt on fit

Met and exceeded my expectations , best price point. View more reviews...
Posted By BRYCE R (MIDDLEBURY, VT) / May 10, 2020
2005 Volvo V70
Eastern Catalytic Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters (Federal EPA-Compliant)

Cat for 2000 Tundra

2nd unit installed on a 330,000 mile Tundra. 45 minutes begin to end..fits perfectly! I got 120,000 miles out of the last one.! View more reviews...
Posted By John D (Scottsdale, AZ) / February 5, 2020
2000 Toyota Tundra

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