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Street-Style Fender Flares

Looking for a practical and low profile, yet highly stylish way to update your vehicle? Look no further than street style low profile fender flares. Fender flares basically serve as an extension of your fender and help keep dirt, rocks and debris kicked up from your tires from hitting your truck and scratching or damaging its paint. Flares are not only practical by protecting the truck body - they also enhance your truck's appearance, too. In some cases, depending on the size of your tires, flares are necessary in order to cover tires that extend out past the vehicle’s body and factory fender. There are four different types of fender flares to choose from - OE style, street style, pocket flares or extended flares. Which one you choose depends on the look and style you prefer, as well as what your tires need for coverage. If you are looking to add style and personality to your vehicle without having it look too aggressive or flashy, thin fender flares are definitely the way to go. These street style fender flares are low-profile and look similar to the OE flares your truck came with, yet provide good coverage and protection, making them a practical choice.

When you want to customize your ride while helping to protect, fender flares are an accessory worth considering.

Why Should You Add Fender Flares to Your Car?

The fender on your car, which is around the wheel well, serves the important function of keeping debris and dirt from flying into the air. Flares offer added coverage and are designed to help protect your vehicle from unwanted damage. If your ride doesn’t have them or the existing ones are damaged, it may mean unwanted repairs down the road. Along with being a functional addition, they also are an easy way to give your ride a different kind of flair. These accessories come in an array of styles and finishes that help you make your ride stand out against the rest. If your vehicle already has signs of rust, new flares are a great way to keep it hidden.

How to Install Fender Flares

Whether you have chosen street style fender flares for their low profile or a more rugged pocket style, installation is relatively easy. Most flares are designed to fit specific makes and models, which means no cutting or drilling. Although installation varies depending on the style you choose, most simply bolt on to existing holes. Any additional clips or fasteners are typically included, as well as instructions to ensure a proper installation.

How to Maintain Your Fender Flares

Whether driving on city streets, rural roads or a new path, there are many materials that have natural acids that rob plastic parts of moisture. From bird droppings to road salt, mud and berries, any build-up eventually starts taking its toll. The longer those substances sit, the greater the chances your flares won’t last as long. As they degrade, it means raising the potential of damaging debris flying where it shouldn't. In general, it is a good idea to clean your vehicle and flares weekly. Simple water and mild soap can do the trick. If you have painted flares, the manufacturer may recommend cleaning with car wax. Additionally, there are UV sprays on the market that can be applied to further extend the life of your flares.

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Customer Reviews

Lund Elite Series SX-Sport Style Fender Flares

Super Nice Fender flares

I had been researching various brands of fender flares and found one I liked in the Lund SX Sport. We put them on all four fenders and they look great! And the price was right on! View more reviews...
Posted By Eugene O (MOSCOW, TN) / April 9, 2022
EGR OEM-Style Fender Flares

fender flares

the rubber tape for install is very hard to apply a keep are better off leaving the sticky protectice film on and apply the flare to your truck. looks good after that. View more reviews...
Posted By Corky F (Oak Creek, CO) / July 28, 2020
2020 Dodge Ram
EGR Rugged-Style Fender Flares

You get what you pay for.

After trying and then sending back a cheaper set that were more flimsy and didn't fit right, I decided to try these EGR fender flares. They cost a little more than I wanted to pay,but they fit like a glove and hide the rust that's coming through my fenders very well. They also seem to be made of a little thicker material than the previous flares I had tried. View more reviews...
Posted By Rallyn W (ORANGE CITY, IA) / July 16, 2020
2013 Chevy Silverado