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Extra-Wide Fender Flares

Wide wheels are a must for the trails, but those mudders have a tendency to trash the sides of your truck. Guard your ride from rock ricochets with extra-wide fender flares.

When you love your offroading adventures, but want to protect your rig from dents and scratches, you need to add extra wide fender flares. Large tires enhance your mudding capabilities, giving you the experience you want on the trails. Add new flares when you upgrade to prevent excessive touch ups.

How Do Extra-Wide Fender Flares Work?

Extra-wide fender flares work by deflecting the debris that kicks up off the trail. Oversized tires spray more rocks, sticks and mud up off the road, which means you need these flares to protect your vehicle from unnecessary scratches and dents.

How Much Do Extra-Wide Fender Flares Cost?

Modifying your Jeep with wide body fender flares doesn't have to break the bank. They only cost a couple of hundred dollars, making the investment worth it when you don't have to redo your paint job. A whole new paint job can be way more costly than a set of flares.

How Long Do Extra-Wide Fender Flares Last?

With the proper care and assembly, fender flares can last for years without rust building up or other problems occurring. This makes them a worthwhile, and many times, a legal requirement when you add bigger tires to your Jeep. Make sure you stay street legal with the properly sized flares for your tires.

Signs & Symptoms of Faulty Fender Flares

Inspect your flares regularly for issues to keep your Jeep fully protected at all times. Look for any cracks or missing pieces from collisions on the trail. The sun can dull the shine and color of your flares and dirt can stain them beyond what you can clean off. Any of these things require new flares for ultimate protection.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Extra-Wide Fender Flares Through AutoAnything

We have an excellent selection of fender flares that can improve the style of your Jeep while protecting it. You can find pocket-style fender flares, flat fender flares, tube flares, cut-out flares and more. Customizing your Jeep with a new set of flares can hide any imperfections around the wheel wells, protect your vehicle and the vehicles around you and add a rugged, aggressive look to your rig.

Find your favorite set of flares when you browse the selection available at AutoAnything today.

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Customer Reviews

Bushwacker Color Match Pocket Style Fender Flares

Awesome on my lifted black f-150

I watched the YouTube video on how to install these on a 2017 F-150 and that's all I needed to install these even though it took me 5 hours I did it all by myself and I am a woman haha!! View more reviews...
Posted By Brittany F (Jupiter, FL) / October 9, 2020
2017 Ford F-150
Bushwacker Cut-Out Style Fender Flares

perfect fit

Fenders arrived fast and on time. Quality and fit were excellent. Instructions were pretty straight forward; except I believe you should pre-drill the body for the provided screws. Installed in less than 4 hours start to finish. They aren't cheap but you get what you pay for. They look awesome and now no more fender rub! It was like giving my FJ 40 a body lift. Running 31 x 12 tires with a two inch lift. View more reviews...
Posted By Tammie O (Cotopaxi, CO) / July 5, 2020
1977 Toyota Land Cruiser
Bushwacker Extend-a-Fender Style Fender Flares


Easy installation, best looking extension flares out there. View more reviews...
Posted By David B (Wasilla, AK) / June 1, 2020
2006 Chevy Silverado