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There's No Time Like the Present to Get Fender Flares

There are way too many things in life you can’t entirely protect yourself against: stock market dips, home devaluations, and car accidents to name just a few of the biggies. But, among the things you can help to prevent is damage to your bodyline. And, there’s no time like the present because once the damage is done, it’s done—and it’s costly to repair.

With fender flares, you add a shield of protection against debris that can get kicked up by your tires and mar your finish. Available in two main styles, you can choose from a factory-style that adds dimension and definition to your wheel wells or the more durable off-road variety, like pocket fender flares, that deflect potential damage during those adventures that take you off the beaten path.

Fender flares also have the added benefit of dressing up your factory bodyline. Unlike your trim, aftermarket fender flares provide the defined, shapely look that you can’t get from the assembly line...unless you’re willing to spring for that costly “Sports” package. In addition, Jeep fender flares and similar off-road models add definition and even more length onto your fenders to keep rocks, sticks, mud and other debris from ruining your bodyline while delivering a rugged, take-no-prisoners appearance.

One of the more popular components of most body kits, each set is custom-tailored to your vehicle’s unique make, model and year to ensure the perfect fit. Plus, many come in a matte black finish that’s paint-ready, allowing you to match your existing paint job no matter how custom. Simple to install, aftermarket fender flares – like EGR fender flares, Bushwacker fender flares, fender flares for Dodge vehicles, Silverado fender flares and F150 fender flare – come complete with all the necessary hardware and instructions and mount almost effortlessly onto your existing factory holes.

If you’re mostly a city driver and don’t worry too much about flying debris, you can still dress up your wheel wells with stainless steel trim. Unlike fender flares, trim doesn’t add any length to your fenders. It’s for looks only. But, it looks good! Made from rust-free, stainless steel, it makes an impressive upgrade to the overall appearance of your vehicle, especially when paired with a set of polished, steel rims.

Whether you’re planning a complete overhaul or just looking for some added flash to set yourself apart from similar makes and models, fender flares are a simple and affordable upgrade for those looking to grab some attention while safeguarding their ride in the process.

Fender flares and similar Chevy accessories, Jeep accessories and Dodge accessories provide a custom appearance that separates you from the pack. Picking up a set on your own and spending an hour on installation will give you the “sports package” look… at a fraction of the price!

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