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Floor Mats & Floor Liners for Cars, Trucks & SUV's

The floor mats for cars may not seem that important, but they are one of the main touchpoints in vehicle’s interior. Along with your steering wheel, shifter and seats, the floors of your car get used every time you drive. Custom floor mats for cars and trucks are essential for protecting your footwell from mud, dirt, snow, stains and spills. Without floor mats, moisture and wear from regular use can deteriorate the original equipment (OE) carpeting in your footwell. This can lead to rips and holes in your carpet, leaving the floorboards unprotected and prone to rust and mold.

Whether you are exploring off road or commuting around town, your floor mats should align with your long-term plans for your vehicle. Custom floor mats come in many different variations and materials from universal fitting to custom laser scanned so it’s important to do your research. Major brands like Husky vs WeatherTech Floor Mats have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in to floor mat design and materials. High quality floor mat products can help your car’s resale value by keeping your car looking and feeling nice. You can also review our Top 10 Floor Mats & Liners for 2020.

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Floor Mats vs Floor Liners

With new laser scanning technology, floor mat companies have expanded product lines into custom molded “floor liners." These liners replace the factory car floor mats and sit flat on the carpet, molding to the car floor and along the edges of the footwell or trunk compartment. Floor liners can have grooves for water and dirt or can be completely smooth and flat, depending on their intended use. Some incorporate grippy, rubber spikes and/or factory floor mat anchor points to keep secure.

Choosing between a floor mat and a floor liner depends on your intended use and both should be sampled for personal preference. We’ve put together a short guide for choosing between floor mats vs. floor liners. This guide help you decide which is best for your ride.

Car Mat Materials

Depending on your needs and local climate, you may want durable, all-weather floor mats to protect your OEM carpets or you may want to upgrade and replace your existing floor mats with luxurious, custom etched carpeted custom floor mats. Here’s an in-depthfloor mats and liners buying guide to help you find the best fit car mats for your vehicle. Let’s look at the different types of materials available for car floor mats.

Carpet Floor Mats

Carpet mats are typically made from a tough nylon or polypropylene material. These durable materials also offer comfort and style that can complement the OE interior. Synthetic materials are crush and stain resistant and are typically easier to clean when they do get dirty. Compared to other, more heavy-duty materials, carpeted floor mats will be less durable and more difficult to clean. They can also hold moisture causing mold or deterioration to car floors so make sure you keep them dry! One benefit of carpet vs rubber or vinyl is the grip offered from friction. For performance applications, a carpeted floor mat with factory anchor points will provide better feel and grip for gas, brake and clutch pedals.

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber mats are more durable than carpet floor mats and usually come with deep grooves or moisture collectors for water, mud and snow. These mats are perfect for vehicles encountering severe weather conditions or wet, off-road terrain because the thick, rubberized material is designed to last a long time and trap dirt. These Michelin Heavy Duty Floor Mats come with a 3-year warranty and are easily to remove and clean with soap and water. Most rubber floor mats come in black, tan or gray. Universal fit rubber floor mats typically use rubber spikes to stay in place. One drawback to this is the spikes can wear down overtime, causing the mats to shift around and roll or fold up.

Rubberized Thermoplastic

Husky uses their own patented rubberized material for their laser scanned floor liners to compete with WeatherTech. The elastomeric material used in the Husky floor liners is slightly lighter weight and more elastic when compared to the WeatherTech material. Fortunately, the Husky Weatherbeater comes with an impressive lifetime warranty. The liners use rubber spikes and factory anchor retention grommets to stay in place.

Whichever you choose, we want you to be satisfied with your selection. That’s why our experts at AutoAnything are here to answer all your questions about car floor mats. Call us at 1-800-874-8888 or take advantage of our live chat option, and one of our seasoned agents will be happy to help you with your decision.
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