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Westin Sure Fit Floor Liners - 72-124072

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  • Part #: 72-124072
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Product Info
  • Be protected from whatever life throws at you with Westin Sure Fit Floor Liners
  • Their full coverage design protects your entire floorboard from spills and weather
  • Rigid core and tactile surface improves durability without sacrificing comfort
  • Helps protect your carpet and keeps it looking new
  • Equipped with OE retention hook openings and 3M securing points to lock them in place
  • Digitally measured vehicle specific patterns make for a perfect, seamless fit
  • High coverage extends towards door threshold for maximum protection
  • Available in black, gray, or tan to compliment your interior
  • Made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty
You worked hard to finally afford the car of your dreams. You wash it weekly, still park towards the back of the parking lot to try and avoid dings and dents, and are extremely diligent about keeping it in the best shape possible. Unfortunately, sometimes life has other plans. Although accidents do happen, they don’t have to prove catastrophic. That’s where Westin comes in. Their Sure Fit floor liners are designed to offer the most protection possible, so when the inevitable happens, you’ll be covered.

These Westin floor liners are made out of a rubberized copolymer which is digitally measured to provide a perfect fit for your specific car, truck, SUV, or minivan’s floorboard. The rigid core allows these mats to hold and maintain their shape, even in the most extreme conditions. The face of the mats have a non-skid, tactile surface that provides sure footing for all passengers. To help these mats stay put, they use your vehicle’s factory retention hooks and also add 3M securing points that work with your carpet to stay locked in place.

Storms both natural and manmade don’t stand a chance of leaving their mark with these liners in place. They feature specially designed channels that work to keep liquids in place, away from your carpet. Their coverage extends to your door threshold, so even in the nastiest of storms, rain and snow can’t get through. And when you accidentally tap the brakes too hard, your coffee or soda will stay within the edges of the mat. Cleanup is a breeze too, since these mats are not a permanent addition to your interior. Simply lift them out, clean with soap and water, and reinstall.

These liners are sold by individual rows of seats. With certain applications, third row and cargo liners are also available. To help compliment your interior, three colors are available: black, gray, and tan. You can feel confident with your purchase as these liners are made in America and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.If you need any assistance with your purchase, our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team is available seven days a week to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these floor liners made from?
These Westin Liners are made from an advanced rubberized polyurethane copolymer which keeps them durable.

Do these liners smell like rubber?
No! Their polyurethane copolymer construction makes them virtually odorless.

How flexible are these liners?
Since they feature a rigid core, the Sure Fit Liners are not designed to be flexible. Instead, they hold their shape incredibly well and will not warp over time.

Can I use these in multiple vehicles?
These Sure Fit Floor Liners are laser measured and cut to be a precise fit for your exact year, make, and model. Because of this, it is unlikely that they will fit properly in any other vehicle.

Can I buy individual liners?
No. These Sure Fit Floor Liners are either sold in pairs by rows of seating or in a complete set for the whole cabin. You cannot buy them individually.

Can you use these liners over your existing carpet mats?
No, Westin Sure Fit Floor Liners are to be used with your factory carpet mats removed. This allows for a better, more secure fit. Failure to remove your other mats may result in the Westin mats bunching up and interfering with your pedals.

How do you clean your floor liners properly?
Simply remove the liners from your vehicle and hose them off. For stubborn scuffs and sticky residue, you can dilute mild laundry detergents with water and use a soft bristle (nylon) brush or cotton cloth. Ensure the mats are properly dried before re-installing to prevent mildew from forming underneath the mats.



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