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How to Install Carpet Floor Mats in Your Vehicle

Prepare Your Vehicle

  • Take a look at your ride’s floor. If you see any existing mats down there, remove them now. Without removing the old mats, your new mats won’t fit very well and could slide around
  • Remove any trash or debris from the floor. You don’t want to hear the crinkle of a hamburger wrapper every time you step into your car. Plus, your new mats will fit better if you install them on a clean floor
  • Thoroughly vacuum your car’s carpet
  • Next, use an automotive-grade carpet cleaner to remove as many stains as possible from the factory carpeting. Any sticky messes left behind will be driven deeper into the piling by your new mats if you don’t remove them
  • Allow the factory carpet to air dry. This will prevent mold from forming under your new mats

Installing Carpet Floor Mats

  • While standing next to your car, lay the new mats on the ground and identify which side and direction they’ll be installed
  • Take each mat and gently lay it over your car’s floor. If equipped, be sure to line up the grommet holes in your mats with your ride’s factory floor posts (floor mat retention system)
  • Some mats come with screw-in brackets that will essentially add floor posts to cars that didn’t come with them. For this style, set your mats in a position that won’t interfere with your pedals or seat brackets. Measure the distance from retention hole to base of the retention hooks screw.
  • Remove the mat and simply twist the bracket that came in the box into your car’s original carpet, turning it clockwise while applying downward pressure. Once installed, these posts will work just like a factory floor mat retention system and will keep your mats from sliding around
  • Make sure the mats do not contact your car’s pedals. If they do, move them until you can move your pedals as normal
  • Check your seat adjustments. You should be able to slide your seat normally without interference from your new mats. If you mats bunch up when you adjust your seats, reposition them and try again

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