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Intro-Tech Automotive HEXOMAT Floor Mats Review - SEMA 2013

Video Transcription

Well good morning AutoAnything, and welcome to our Intro-Tech Automotive booth at this year’s 2013 SEMA Convention here in Las Vegas. We are here today to show our Hexomats. First of all, we have this honeycomb design floor mat, custom made for your vehicle. We have over 8,000 custom applications and available in about five different colors. Since the mats are all cut on our computerized cutting machines, they are all pre-cut to fit in your automobile so there’s no trimming necessary after you receive the mats. We are recommending in our installation instructions that come with the mats that the original floor mats be removed from the automobile and then these mats will then be hooked up onto your fastener system. To secure the mats in place, which of course nowadays has become a real sensitive issue, we are putting OE fasteners in our floor mats. The OE fasteners are adapting to the original fasteners system that comes with your vehicle. If it is an adaptable fastener system available, then it will work on a vinyl floor. Other than that, since we have these rubber nibs on it and rubber nibs will not hold onto your vinyl flooring, that might cause a problem. These mats are very pliable and adaptive to the floor plan of the automobile. With the availability of over 8,000 custom patterns, our custom Hexomats are the ultimate solution for your automobile out there, with a lifetime warranty and great prices, they’re available at

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