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Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Eddie Jaimes from Maxliner USA and I’m here to show you a very quick video on our floor mats. What we have here is a direct, custom-fit replacement for your factory floor mats. What you want to do is to remove your factory floor mats, you want to put these on top and make sure you align your factory retention devices. This is what’s going to keep your floor mat in place in order to prevent sliding. Our floor mats are custom fitted for every vehicle. They’re very easy to clean after you have dirt or mud inside. You can vacuum it real quick, then you can pull it out, hose it in and your floor mats will look like brand new again. So there’s an available first row system that includes a driver’s side and passenger side in two separate pieces. There’s also an available second row that is one piece and it covers the hump, and there’s also an available third piece for even better protection. So this is Maxfloormat, it’s going to be your best bang for your buck. Buy it now at

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