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Rubber Floor Mats: Great Preventatives Against the Elements

Remember when mom used to scream at you to take off your shoes before tracking mud all over the clean carpets? If you’ve got a decent interior, you can feel her pain. But nobody wants to look dainty and be the one to harp on others, especially when it comes to a car or truck. Yeah, your floorboards are a big deal. And yeah, they have a huge impact on your resale value. But that doesn’t mean you should lose sleep over it. With a solid set of rubber floor mats, you don’t have to give your floorboards a second thought.

It’s a simple fact: your shoes pick up anything you happen to step in, from rain water and mud to dog business and road grease. Like it or not, it usually ends up on the floorboards of your vehicle where it can stain, erode and ruin your interior, sometimes even paving the way for the onset of mold and mildew. With all weather rubber floor mats, you can throw down a practically-impenetrable layer of protection for your interior that’s designed to withstand everything from snow and ice to sand and dirt.

These aren’t the standard car floor mats that came with your vehicle. Little more than slices of leftover carpeting, stock floor mats are pretty much useless. Performance-grade rubber car mats, like Chevy Silverado rubber floor mats, Ford F150 rubber mats and Toyota Rubber floor mats, are computer-designed for a precise, custom-tailored fit that provides maximum coverage and protection without obstructing your floor controls. Crafted to provide all-weather protection, many styles include the highly-valuable feature of tall outer ridges, containing the liquid messes that result from rainy weather or spilled beverages frequently resulting from stop-and-go traffic.

The best rubber car mats and truck rubber mats have been designed specifically for your make, model and year. Constructed of heavy-duty rubberized thermo-plastic and other durable materials, Weathertech floor mats, Lloyd mats, and those like them, come in one-piece or two-piece designs and blend seamlessly into the layout of your interior, adding a clean-looking, durable appearance to your floorboards.

Truck rubber mats and car floor mats are available in a variety of styles and colors, including logo floor mats that feature your favorite sports and auto logos, perfect for adding that finishing touch of personalization. Plus, certain models feature a Scotchgard treatment, serving up an additional layer of dirt and stain protection.

Best of all, car mats are a snap to clean when they become soiled. Simply yank them out and hose them off! For anyone who’s even spent their weekend scrubbing out spilled coffee stains or something similar, the value here is clear.

Rubber floor mats are one of the quintessential car accessories. These aren’t just Ford accessories. They’re designed unique to each make, model and year on the road, providing a fit that looks factory-installed while laying down a level of protection that’s unmatched by stock floor mats.

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