Grille Guards vs Brush Guards: What's the Difference?

Brush Guard


When it comes to front end protection for your truck or SUV, grille guards are just what you need. They are crafted from various durable materials and offer rugged protection in the case of an impact. There are several different grille guard types to choose from and each provides a different angle of protection for your vehicle’s fascia.

First, let’s break down some of the differences between two common front-protectors – grille guards and brush guards. Essentially the same part and accessory as grille guards, brush guards or full grille guards are known for offering complete protection, meaning it covers your headlights, with some products even including extra lighting for your SUV or truck as a result. Since headlights are such a sensitive part of your ride, purchasing a brush guard or grille guard with complete coverage is a good investment.

In the past, it has been said brush guards were used to prevent scratches while crossing high brush off-roads. The primary use of grille guards now, besides an aesthetic heavy-duty style, is to provide a shield against road hazards like rocks and debris, or those unexpected runaway carts in the grocery store’s parking lot. It’s important to remember to avoid using your grille guard or brush guard to ram into objects or drive through any kind of obstacle. You could damage your guard’s finish, cause injury or blemish the object.

Made from strong steel for enhanced durability, grille and brush guards are coated to prevent rust and sun damage and mount to your factory mounting points without much hassle, some even allow for a bolt-on setup that doesn’t require drilling. Grille guards and brush guards are also tailored to your vehicle, so regardless of your preference you’re getting a flush, rugged look on your truck’s front-end.

If you’re still undecided on the type of grille guard that is right for your vehicle, you can call one of our friendly and knowledgeable support agents at 1-800-874-8888 or click on the live chat button to talk about your concerns, they will gladly provide you with the best option for your specific year, make and model.