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Grille Guards & Bull Bars

Bull bars and brush guards, sometimes called grille guards, provide unparalleled protection and utility to the front of your truck or SUV. Whether you are looking to protect your headlights, bumper or grill, these guards come in many different configurations to meet the work you demand from your vehicle. Bull bars and bumper guards can also provide excellent utility for mounting lights or a winch to the front of your vehicle for off road purposes. The added style is a great benefit because many grille guards are designed with inserts to match perfectly to your OEM grill and bumper pattern. Whether you are looking for style, functionality, protection or all of the above, a bull bar or grille guard can be a perfect complement to your truck or SUV.

The Origins of Bull Bars

Bull bars first appeared in backcountry and rural areas like American plains, Australia and Canada in the 70s and 80s. First fitted to farm trucks, the intended design of the bumper guard was to nudge cattle and livestock along on a ranch - hence the name ‘bull bar.’ The added bonus of protection in the event of a higher speed animal collision (common in rural areas) means that bull bars are fairly ubiquitous in these places. Brush and grille guards come in many different names and variations; in Australia, it’s often called a ‘nudge bar’ or ‘push bumper,’ in Canada, ‘moose bumper’ and in the U.S., ‘rammer’ or ‘cattle pusher.’ The name typically varies on the environment and the likelihood of an encounter with a particular type of animal species.

Types of Bull Bars and Brush Guards

Bull bars also get used in off road applications to protect the front area from impact with rocks and vegetation and can be fully integrated with an off-road bumper. Off road designed bumper guards are often called brush guards because their purpose is to protect your front end from trees, bushes and other foliage. Losing a headlight to an exposed branch on the trail can be frustrating, costly and dangerous. With a fully protected front end, you can ensure that your rig has the durability to withstand off-road abuse. Added functionality in the way of accessory lights and a winch can also be a huge benefit of adding a brush guard for the trail.

Choosing a Bumper Guard

Depending on the size and intended use, bumper and grill guards come in many different configurations and each have their own associated ‘mainstream’ name. A bull bar typically only covers the lower bumper and sometimes includes a small skid plate area to protect the lower-middle portion of the front end. A grille guard or brush guard typically provides full-width coverage of the front end including the lights, grille and lower bumper area. The added style benefits of a bull bar or grille guard will definitely make your truck or SUV stand out, adding presence and purpose. If you have an aftermarket bumper or grille, it’s important to check clearances and compatibility before pulling the trigger or any bull bar or grille guard.

Whichever you choose, we want you to be satisfied with your selection. That's why our experts at AutoAnything are here to answer all your questions about bull bars and grille or bumper guards. Call us at 1-800-874-8888 or take advantage of our live chat option, and one of our seasoned agents will be happy to help you with your decision. When your decision has been made, you'll reap the added rewards of our 1-Year, Lower Price Guarantee and Free Shipping.
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