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Headache Racks

It’s not an uncommon question we get around here, of just what the heck is a headache rack and why is it called that? Well, as for the name, have you ever been hit in the back of the head with a 2x4? Would give you a pretty gnarly headache, wouldn’t it? That’s exactly where these racks get their name, and are what they’re designed to prevent.
Of course, the typical pickup truck headache racks solve more than just head injuries, broken glass and damage to the cab of your truck is also prevented by holding off your cargo from sliding forward. Because of this, headache racks allow you to stack your stuff higher (though should still be strapped down) than the truck bed would normally allow without worry. They also make carrying that gear easier, and allow you to carry more of it. Check it out:

Pickup Truck Headache Rack Benefits

Truck headache racks also have the added utility of being a platform to lay long boards or pipes across, allowing you to carry loads longer than your bed without the need to hang them over the back, becoming a hazard. These can also be combined with a rack further back on the bed to create a place to store those boards, pipes, or ladders on top of the headache rack and out of the bed, freeing you up to carry more gear, parts, or supplies.

But wait, there’s more (miss ya, Billy Mays)! Have a work truck that you need to mount a safety lightbar or work lights to? Well you could drill into the roof of your truck, but that opens you up to leaks and hurts resale value down the line just as most any permanent modification would. Luckily, pickup truck headache racks can also serve as great mounting points for those lights. That way you aren’t drilling holes into your pride and joy, and now both modifications are removable if needed.

We’ve got a wide selection of pickup truck headache racks to choose from, ranging in size and beefiness depending on the kind of equipment you need to carry, and of course with matching rear racks to pair them with. These racks can also be great for offroad trucks looking for a platform to mount lights too, with the added utility and peace of mind knowing that your tools aren’t going to come crashing through your rear window over the whoops or coming down over some boulders.

Can’t find what you’re looking for, or are unsure of what would suit your needs best? Give us a call! We’ve got a whole team of gearheads who work on this stuff all day and know our catalog like the back of their hand. Also feel free to hop in a chat window, whichever way works best for you!
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Customer Reviews

Westin HLR Truck Rack

Head ache rack

I have a plastic drop in bed liner so I had to trim the front corners out to get the bracket to fit. I took my time using a roto zip and it turned out nice. Next time I get a pick up I will do the spray in bed liner as a friend has that and his install looks flawless. Even though these cost more than a basic steel bolt on I like how it mounts to the factory bed mounting location. I think it looks great. View more reviews...
Posted By Robert D (Houston, TX) / January 22, 2020
2018 Ford F-150
Westin HD Headache Rack

My Headache Rack

I,m surprised at the quality for something made in China.The powder coating is very good.I was told it is made in the US but that is BS from the sales people at Autoanthing.Very unsat.Never buy from them again but rack is worth the price.Happy with the rack but not with company I bought from.Shipping was very fast.Remember my review is only for the rack.Not from company I bought from.They are very deceptive.It is made in China.I got lucky. View more reviews...
Posted By Joseph M. A (Henderson, NV) / May 21, 2019
Steelcraft Headache Rack


Excellent service price and looks awesome View more reviews...
Posted By Roberto M (Taos, NM) / May 11, 2019
2002 Dodge Ram