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Truck Tailgates

Truck Tailgates For Sale - Shop Flow Through, Air Flow & 5th Wheel Compatible Tailgates for Trucks

We have all seen flow through tailgates at least once along the highway. I personally have often wondered why anyone would get one. For starters, so much function from the tailgate is lost with one - no more workbench, no more tailgating, and no more grilling. Then, I learned: If you tow a 5th wheel behind you, an air gate tailgate, also known as 5th wheel compatible tailgates, can be lifesavers. If you are towing a 5th wheeler and it is time to hitch up, it is a process (not that it isn’t anytime you are hitching something, right?!) to hitch up. If you have a regular tailgate, when it comes time to hitch your 5th wheel RV, you must first lower your tailgate, back the truck up to the hitch, then remember to put the tailgate back up. All of this is necessary because the hitch point on your RV is lower than the top of your truck bed. If you forget to lower the tailgate, you will dent or destroy it because you will probably run into the hitch. If you remember the first step, but forget to put the tailgate back up, you will end up messing up the front end of your trailer and/or a corner of your tailgate. There is definitely room for error hitching a 5th wheeler up with a regular tailgate. An air flow tailgate for 5th wheel RVs, however, is designed a little differently. Instead of a solid tailgate, a notch is taken out to accommodate the lower hitch point. It allows you to hitch and unhitch without lowering and raising your tailgate. An added bonus is decreased weight. 5th wheel compatible truck tailgates are much lighter than your standard tailgate. You also might find you have increased visibility, a welcome sight while backing up. And lastly, you could possibly find that you get better airflow. The angled slots in the tailgate help to disperse the air and keep loose items in the truck bed from flying out.

Find high-quality truck tailgates and tailgate accessories for your truck. A durable tailgate helps you take full advantage of the storage capacity of your truck. You can carry everything from building materials and work tools to groceries and camping gear safely and securely. At AutoAnything, we have many types of truck tailgates for awesome upgrades.

What Are the Different Type of Truck Tailgates?

There are two main types of truck tailgates: straight and louvered styles. Louvered, or fifth-wheel, tailgates are designed to help you smoothly hook up a fifth-wheel trailer. The right choice depends on your lifestyle and budget.

Best Selling Truck Tailgates

A tailgate assist is one of the best aftermarket mods for a pickup truck. These shock-absorbing accessories make lowering the tailgate easier. You don’t need to deal with the full weight yourself. An assist prevents the tailgate from slamming down, hitting your fingers or pushing you backward.

Installing tailgate assists isn’t difficult, and many drivers can’t believe how they got along without these practical upgrades. They’re equally helpful for construction workers at a job site or parents unloading camping equipment.

Budget-Friendly Truck Tailgates

If your stock truck tailgate got damaged, you don’t have to spring for another OEM model. Many aftermarket tailgates have a lower price tag and provide other benefits:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Reduced drag
  • Lighter weight for unloading
  • Sleeker appearance

To save money, you may want to look for a tailgate with steel mesh and welded steel frames. This way, you get the durability your truck needs without the expense of solid steel plating.

Most Durable Truck Tailgates

For added strength, weather resistance and airflow, it’s hard to beat stainless steel truck tailgates. Stainless steel tubing can stand up to moisture, dirt and other off-road conditions. This material lasts ages and provides exceptional durability. At the same time, tubular tailgates are much lighter than OEM truck tailgates with hardbody construction.

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Customer Reviews

Dee Zee Tailgate Assist

Easy and Useful

The tailgate assist is very easy to install, and it makes the operation so much more useful. I highly recommend this upgrade at the low price point. View more reviews...
Posted By John H (LEXINGTON, KY) / February 23, 2023
2014 Dodge Ram
Go Industries Air Flow Tailgate - Painted Straight Gate

Strong and heavy gate

I like the gate. Had to make minor adjustments but an easy install. I had to install bushings to allow the cables to rotate. Heavy built gate. Personally I thought it might be priced a little high. View more reviews...
Posted By Bobby F (COLORADO CITY, TX) / August 27, 2020
Go Industries Air Flow 5th Wheel Tailgate - Painted

Perfect fit 2004 Dodge Ram Diesel 2500!

Received earlier than expected. Had no trouble with installation of the tailgate other than the original tailgate straps were a little too short. I had to to go to Auto Zone to get longer ones. All in all it looks great and works just fine on the truck. It didn't take long to install once I got the new straps about 20 minutes. View more reviews...
Posted By Cynthia D (LACOMBE, LA) / June 6, 2020
2004 Dodge Ram